Mark Levin: 'We're Surrounded by Knuckleheads'

By Susan Jones | September 18, 2014 | 8:41am EDT

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin is president of the Landmark Legal Foundation. (AP Photo)

( - "We're surrounded by knuckleheads, and the problem is, they're supposed to be protecting the country," conservative talk-show host Mark Levin told Sean Hannity Wednesday night.

Levin laid out his case, beginning with President Obama's refusal to ask Congress for authorization to intervene militarily in Iraq and Syria, while at the same time he's asking Congress for $500 million to fund 5,000 Syrian rebels.

"You actually have a revolt going on with the top generals and Obama. I'm not talking about tanks pulling up to the White House, and so forth. These men are trying to communicate to the American people that they are military men, and we cannot defeat this enemy unless we use all of our armed forces and armed services. That's number one.

"Number two, Obama does not view this as a military action. He keeps telling us it's not a war, it's not a war. For him, the truth is it's about politics. It's about containing this issue politically for him so he can focus on fundamentally transforming America. And this is a very serious matter to understand."

Levin said if Obama really wanted to defeat the enemy, "he would go to Congress, get a declaration of war, unleash hell on these cockroaches and then get out.

"Instead, he speaks to our military men and tells them, Don't worry, no combat boots on the ground. He has said it a thousand times, so every one of our enemies in every single language can understand under this so-called commander-in-chief, he has intention of defeating them, period!"

Levin said Obama doesn't want to deal with ISIS/ISIL, but he'll do the "absolute minimum" because his poll numbers are low.

"I mean...he says he's brought this wonderful coalition together, but they're keeping it secret. Have you ever heard anything so stupid in your life? There is no coalition.

"And then he's talking about training 5,000 moderate whatevers -- 5,000 against 35,000? Who are these 5,000? Then he says we're going to use our Air Force, but we have to limit civilian casualties. Well, how are we going to use our Air Force, attack the enemy where it is in Syria and limit civilian casualties? These generals, the Joint Chief of Staff and the rest of them, they see this as the disaster that it is. So do we!"

Levin noted that Obama is eager to send 3,000 U.S. military personnel to Liberia to fight Ebola, but he won't send 3,000 troops to secure the southern border of the United States.

"The fact of the matter is, if this is a war and we want victory, we can defeat them. We can wipe these cockroaches out. If he wants to do something short of that, obviously he can. But I think it's time for Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell and people to rise up and say, We want to know if you want victory. If you're going to call this a war, we will do a declaration of war, but we're not going to piddle around like this for political reasons."

Levin said winning in this case means attacking the enemy where they are. "And unfortunately, that's in Syria."

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