Mark Levin: An Articulate, Knowledgeable, Confident Conservative Can Win

By Susan Jones | February 28, 2014 | 6:39am EST

A Tea Party protester in 2011. (AP File Photo)

( - After speaking to tea party conservatives in Washington on Thursday, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin appeared on Fox News, telling Neil Cavuto that the tea party movement -- marking the fifth anniversary of its founding -- serves as the "national voice for 'We, the People.'"

That includes conservatives in both parties, Levin said:

"The largest group from a philosophical and political perspective in this country are conservatives -- conservative Democrats, conservative Republicans, conservatives who are -- who are disgusted with all parties and both parties and politics.

"Reagan made the point in 1976. He said, we don't run away from this group. This is the biggest group of Americans in the nation. We need to embrace them. We need to organize them. We need give them a reason to vote.

"He said this in '76, when he was taking on a sitting president, Gerald Ford, who claimed to be a conservative. When Ford lost, he blamed it on Reagan. And then in 1980, the Bush family rose up -- and Bob Dole and Howard Baker -- to try and stop Reagan. They said, he cannot win. He's an extremist...

"The point is, an articulate, knowledgeable conservative with an articulate -- articulable agenda who can do it with confidence and to connect with the American people is going to win."

Levin said the tea party is not a third party -- yet: "But if the Republican Party continues to trash the tea party, that could happen," he added.

"The Republican Party has lost its way. And but for the Tea Party movement, which is an American grassroots movement, which promotes basic American values -- fiscal integrity, limited federal government, constitutionalism and so forth -- there would be no national voice for 'We, the People.'

Levin  said he doesn't want the Republican and Democrat Parties -- with their current leadership -- to work together, "because what it results in is massive big-government spending. What it results in is amnesty. What it results in is a deterioration of the value of the dollar, unlimited, unfunded liabilities. If that is working together, we have to break that up. You cannot break up the ruling class and kiss it at the same time."

Levin said tea party conservatives want to "protect the country, preserve the republic, get back to limited government."

"We're tired of social engineering coming out of Washington and all these places. There's only one voice in opposition. And that is the collective Tea Party movement.  Five years later, this is a strong, vibrant, thoughtful, smart group of people. I can`t speak for all of them. But they're not going anywhere. You want to know why, Neil? There's nowhere to go."

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