Kavanaugh Told Senate Investigators, 'This Is Not right. It's an Outrage'

By Susan Jones | September 27, 2018 | 9:03am EDT
Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh answers questions during the second day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill September 5, 2018. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

(CNSNews.com) - "It's appropriate in America for people to feel strongly about the Supreme Court," Judge Brett Kavanaugh said in an interview conducted by Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

"It's not appropriate for people to be dredging up uncorroborated stories and trying to refresh other people's recollections and then stoke the media and create a feeding frenzy and destroy my family and destroy my reputation and take me down. This is not right. It's an outrage," Kavanaugh said.

In the interview, conducted two days ago on Sept. 25, Kavanaugh responded to three additional allegations and one anonymous letter that have come to the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee after Christine Blasey Ford's accusation went public.

Those three additional allegations include the "penis" episode described by Kavanaugh's Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez; the Michael Avenatti-produced witness Julie Swetnick, who says she was gang raped at a party where Kavanaugh was present; and an allegation from a Rhode Island man that Kavanaugh raped a woman on a boat in Newport.

Committee Republicans also asked Kavanaugh about an "anonymous letter" alleging that in 1998, Kavanaugh -- then working with independent counsel Kenneth Starr -- shoved a woman up against a wall in a bar "very aggressively and sexually."

Kavanaugh denied all of the alleged incidents, as follows:

1. The Ramirez allegation:

"I never saw anything like that," Kavanaugh said of Deborah Ramirez's allegation that he waved his genitals in her face as she lay drunk on the floor at a party during their freshman year at Yale. "That never happened," Kavanaugh said. And if it had happened, "it would have been the talk of campus," Kavanaugh added.

Asked for his "general reaction" to Ramirez's story, as portrayed in The New Yorker, Kavanaugh said he is "stunned" and "outraged."

"This didn't happen. I've never done anything like that," he said, noting that Ramirez's best friend has said she never heard about it, either.

According to Kavanaugh:

The New York Times says as recently as last week, she (Ramirez) was calling around to other classmates saying she wasn't sure I had done this. And you know, I think -- I think we're -- this is an outrage for this kind of thing, uncorroborated, 35-year-old accusation to be leveled in this fashion at this time. I've been in the public eye for 24 years, since I started with the independent counsel in the fall of 1994, very public at various points in my life.

I've been through six background checks. I worked in the White House at the highest levels, senior staff, traveling with the President all over the world, seeing the most highly sensitive secrets of our Nation for years. I went through a difficult confirmation process for the D.C. Circuit that was public with two separate confirmation hearings in 2004 and 2006.

I've been a judge for 12 years in a very public way. I've been identified repeatedly as a potential Supreme Court nominee. Whether that was accurate or not, I've been publicly identified. My decisions have been publicly discussed.

I've been very much a presence at the Yale College reunions. I've been on multiple panels there. So I've been active in the class. The class newsletter has talked about me. The people in my class have been at those reunions and those events.

In all that time, not a word. And then 4 days, you know, when just right before a vote for the Supreme Court, after the nomination itself has been pending for months, and I've been through the hearings and 65 Senate meetings and all the written questions, and then -- and then, after all these years, with all this time, and all these descriptions with no corroboration and with her best friend saying she never heard about it, you know, I'm -- I'm really just, you know, stunned. And outraged.

2. The Avenatti story:

Asked if he attended multiple house parties where he and his friend Mark Judge would "participate in the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs in order to allow a 'train of men' to subsequently gang rape them," Kavanaugh said no. "And I've never heard of such a thing. It's an outrageous accusation. Ridiculous," he replied.

The transcript continues:

Did you ever target one or more women for sex or rape at a house party?

Judge Kavanaugh: No.

Did you ever assist Mark Judge or others in doing so?

Judge Kavanaugh: No.

Did you ever attend any house party during which a woman was gang raped or used for sex by multiple men?

Judge Kavanaugh: No.

Did you ever witness a line of men outside a bedroom at any house party where you understood a woman was in the bedroom being raped or taken advantage of?

Judge Kavanaugh: No.

Did you ever participate in any sexual conduct with a woman at a house party with whom you understood to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs?

Judge Kavanaugh: No.

Did you ever communicate with Mark Judge or anyone else about your participation in a "train" involving an intoxicated woman?

Judge Kavanaugh: No.

Did you ever object or attempt to prevent one or more men from participating in the rape or taking advantage of a woman at any house party?

Judge Kavanaugh: I never saw such a thing. So the premise, the question, is off.

3. The 1985 Newport, RI boat rape story:

Asked if it ever happened, Kavanaugh said "No. I was not in Newport, haven't been on a boat in Newport. Not with Mark Judge on a boat, nor all those three things combined. This is just completely made up, or at least not me. I don't know what they're referring to.

4. The anonymous letter from Colorado:

"We're dealing with an anonymous letter about an anonymous person and an anonymous friend," Kavanaugh responded. "It's ridiculous. Total twilight zone. And no, I've never done anything like that."

'I look forward to defending my name'

At the end of the interview Kavanaugh said he's looking forward to today's hearing, "so that I can clear my name, defend my integrity, defend a lifetime of good work that I have done and the record I've built as a judge for 12 years, worked in the White House for 5 1/2, working in public service, working for Justice Kennedy. I look forward to defending my name, defending my integrity.

He urged everyone to listen to "all the people who knew me best," and who have spoken in support of him.

"And you know, who would want to go through this?" Kavanaugh asked. "Who is ever going to want to go through this in the future? What is this doing to the Court when -- and the country and the process when these kind of -- this kind of process happens where an allegation is held for this long, an allegation during the process that was known....known during the process, I mean, by a Senator.

And then I go through the hearing and the prompt background check and the individuals meetings, and then it's sprung in the way it was sprung. And you know, just to go back to that, that's the summer of 1982. Well, I wasn't at such thing in the summer of 1982. And the people who were there say it didn't happen.

And since we last talked, the other -- the woman who was there says she doesn't know me and has never seen me, as far as she can remember, at a party. It's just -- it's a disgrace. It is a total -- what this process has become.

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