Kamala Harris: 'Let's Appoint an Outside Counsel to Investigate' Justice Kavanaugh

By Susan Jones | September 17, 2019 | 6:55am EDT
2020 US Democratic Presidential hopeful US Senator for California Kamala Harris speaks on-stage during the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting in San Francisco, California on August 23, 2019. (Photo by JOSH EDELSON / AFP)

(CNSNews.com) - Never mind that a New York Times article about yet another alleged Brett Kavanaugh "victim" has been debunked, because the alleged victim has no memory of the incident, as described by a supposed (Clinton-connected) witness.

And never mind that multiple sexual assault allegations against Virginia's sitting Lieutenant Governor -- a Democrat! -- have gone nowhere.

A number of Democrats, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) among them, are now calling for the impeachment of sitting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh -- based on the same-old, uncorroborated, unproven smears. And if Congress won't impeach, Harris wants an independent counsel to investigate Kavanaugh.

Appearing with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Monday night, Harris, now running for the Democrat presidential nomination, called the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing a "sham process," because, she says, Democrats "were not given all the information that was available."

"We knew, and certainly I knew, that there were credible allegations that should have been investigated that were not," Harris said. "There was the process by which Christine Blasey Ford, who literally had nothing to gain by coming forward, Rachel, nothing to gain. She had a perfect life. And she looked at the fact that this guy was being nominated and said the American people have a right to know what I know."

(As for Ford having "nothing to gain," Ford's former attorney recently told a feminist legal gathering that Ford wanted to put an "asterisk" next to Kavanaugh's name if and when Kavanaugh rules on abortion cases. "It is important that we know, and that is part of what motivated Christine,” attorney Debra Katz said.)

Harris said Ford was treated "like a criminal," while Kavanaugh is now sitting on the Supreme Court. "And yet again, more allegations," she said, blaming the Trump White House for limiting the scope of the original Kavanaugh investigation.

Maddow asked Harris if impeaching Kavanaugh might help Republicans politically because it could be seen as "sour grapes."

"We're talking about a system of justice," Harris responded.

And in a real system of justice, meaning a system that has integrity, allegations such as these, multiple allegations, should be pursued and then do the investigation. Go where the facts lead us. If there's nothing there, that's fine, but these are serious allegations that have repeatedly been raised.

There are at least 25 witnesses in one case. This has to be something where we all agree that if we're going to have integrity in the system, we have to pursue justice and, you know, so listen, let me tell you what else I'm calling for.

If the United States Congress doesn't act, well then let's appoint -- let's appoint an outside counsel. Let's appoint an outside counsel. Somebody who can -- or who is neutral, who can review the evidence in this case, determine the credibility of the witnesses. And let us as the American people, let Congress, the Judiciary Committees, have the information to determine if this person should rightly serve on our highest court for a lifetime.

Maddow opined that "it's hard for me to see any end to this. I don't think he would ever be removed from the court through the impeachment process. I don't think the Senate Republicans would ever allow that to happen. If the Democrats do take the Senate, it would be a narrow majority. You need a super majority for removal. It seems to me this will be the story of Brett Kavanaugh's time on the Supreme Court, no matter what happens from here on out. It feels incredibly damaging either way. I find myself enervated by it, in terms of the impact on women in particular."

Harris agreed, saying one of the "worst" things is not believing people who claim sexual assault.

"Take them seriously. Investigate the case. Determine and assess credibility. But let's take the allegations seriously. And it's a very serious allegation. So, you know, I think that, you know, what we have seen, frankly, is we've seen a suppression of evidence. If the bodies that are charged with actually investigating fail to do it and block it off, or tailor it, I would argue that's suppression of evidence."

The New York Times was forced to correct its misleading story about Kavanaugh the day after it was published. The newspaper omitted the critical information that Kavanaugh's supposed victim, according to "friends," did not remember the incident described by the newspaper.

President Donald Trump is blasting the New York Times "SMEAR" and the gotcha mentality of Democrats. In two tweets on Monday, he wrote:

I call for the Resignation of everybody at The New York Times involved in the Kavanaugh SMEAR story, and while you’re at it, the Russian Witch Hunt Hoax, which is just as phony! They’ve taken the Old Grey Lady and broken her down, destroyed her virtue and ruined her reputation......She can never recover, and will never return to Greatness, under current Management. The Times is DEAD, long live The New York Times!


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