Howard Schultz: 'The American People Are Exhausted and Fed Up With the Revenge Politics'

By Susan Jones | March 14, 2019 | 5:26am EDT
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is mulling a "centrist, independent" run for president. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

( - Enough of the "revenge politics," former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told Fox New's Neil Cavuto on Wednesday.

Schultz is mulling an independent run for president, "outside of the two-party system because the system is broken," he said. "How much evidence do we need, with a $22 trillion debt, an immigration program that we can't get fixed, a health care crisis, an education crisis?


"How much do we need to see in terms of the revenge politics every single day that is emblematic of both parties at the extremes not willing to work together?"

Schultz said he's aiming to win over "the vast majority of Americans who are sitting at the center," and can send a "powerful signal" to all elected officials that an independent person can finally win the White House "and restore honor and dignity and morality."

He said he wants to bring both parties together:

But the issue in front of us is, the American people are exhausted and fed up with the revenge politics. And I think there's millions of lifetime Republicans who do not really want to send Donald Trump back to the White House in 2020.

But if they have a choice between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris -- taking Vice President Biden aside -- they're going to re-elect Donald Trump.

If they have a another choice, with 42 percent of the American people who affiliate themselves as an independent, they just might elect an independent person...And, potentially, that could be me, if I decide to run for president.

Schultz said he has a lot of respect for former Vice President Biden: "I think it would be great if he runs for president, Schultz said, but he questioned whether Biden could get the Democrat nomination in a party that has moved so far left.

"What I do know is that the majority of Americans, the vast majority of Americans want to see commonsense solutions to significant problems that both parties will not solve.

What I also know that is that this president needs to be removed from office, and because of his character, his lack of civility, lack of respect, and what he has done to this country.

Despite that, Schultz said he doesn't want to talk about impeachment.

He criticized Trump for cutting corporate taxes and not doing enough for injured veterans; and he criticized Democrats for plugging Medicare for all and free college. "That's nonsense," he said.

Schultz, a billionaire, said, "I think the wealthy should be paying higher taxes. I think corporations should have a higher taxer rate."

He said he's going to lay out a "significant, very specific economic agenda" in the next few months:

"But I think the question for all of us is, we have lost trust in our government. We have lost trust in our leaders. The reason people are balking at paying higher taxes is because we have no trust that the money is going to be spent well.

So what we need is, get -- get these lobbyists out of the way, get the self-dealing out of the way, and make sure our tax dollars are being spent properly. But don't forget, we are sitting with a $22 trillion debt. This president has added a trillion dollars a year.

And for all the Republicans out there that watch Fox News, let me just ask the question. Where are the Republican leaders who banged on Obama for eight consecutive years with regard to fiscal discipline, reducing the debt and the deficit, and not one word over the last two years?

The country is not sustainable with this level of debt.

Schultz said he will make a final decision on running for president in the next few months:

"And if you're -- if you are a leader in any organization, any organization, you have to bring people together. What we right now have in America is red states vs. blue, a divided nation, fear and hate...I'm profoundly concerned for where we are. But I know we can fix things. But we cannot fix things with both parties constantly and consistently involved in revenge politics every day.

"The next president of the United States needs to bring the country together and bring our government together in a bipartisan way, and rebuild trust and confidence in what America stands for at home and around the world," Schultz said.

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