Gun Rights Advocate: 'We Don't Have a Gun Problem...We Don't Teach a Respect for Life'

By Susan Jones | August 27, 2015 | 5:22 AM EDT

Flowers, balloons and cards are left for the staff of WDBJ-7 who are mourning the murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. (Erica Yoon/The Roanoke Times via AP)

( - Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) was calling for new gun control laws on Wednesday, even before the man who killed a reporter and cameraman on live television was in custody. Those calls for gun control were later echoed by the grieving father and boyfriend of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, as well as President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others.

But Dana Loesch, the author of "Hands off My Gun" and a staunch Second Amendment supporter, said her life was once saved by a gun. "I don't want that right taken from me," she told Fox New's Megyn Kelly Wednesday night.

"We don't have a gun problem. We have a criminal problem," Loesch said. "We have a society that thinks it's completely permissible to shirk responsibility. We have people who have no problem with what Planned Parenthood does in terms of fetal parts harvesting. We don't teach a respect for life.

"We glorify violence in movie, music, film and books. This is what our society is. This is Frankenstein's monster. This is what society has created. It is a reflection of us. And as I said, criminals are always going to be with us. I've had my life protected with a gun. I don't want that right taken from me."

Loesch said the gunman is proof that evil exists. And she said if he bought his gun legally -- which he apparently did -- the problem becomes one of identifying people with mental illness.

"And if he passed a background check, and there had already been questions about his behavior, then the question becomes, why wasn't this reported as we saw in the Gifford shooting. You had an individual who had been kicked out of the community college that had been reported to the sheriff's office, nobody followed up on it. Virginia Tech, same thing.

"The problem, Megyn, that we see each and every single time is that you have an abundance of laws and you have people, including states and local officials who do not follow those laws. And I want to bring up something really quickly as well. Everyone is focusing on the gun. Can we also bring up the fact that this is a racially charged, racially motivated crime by somebody who had a grievance? And I think there is all too often a focus on the tool instead of the hate in someone's heart."

In a lengthy letter the gunman faxed to ABC News after the shooting, he admitted to being a very angry man: "I've been a human powder keg for a while...just waiting to go BOOM!!!"

According to the Associated Press, when the gunman was fired from Roanoke, Virginia, station WDBJ in 2013, he had to be escorted from the building by police "because he was not going to leave willingly or under his own free will," the station's former news director, Dan Dennison, was quoted as saying.

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