Gallup: Republicans More Likely Than Dems to Keep U.S. Secure, Prosperous

By Susan Jones | September 26, 2018 | 6:23 AM EDT

( - Ahead of the heralded "blue wave" coming in November, here's something to consider.

According to a new Gallup Poll:

Americans are slightly more inclined to believe the Republican Party would do a better job than the Democratic Party at both keeping the U.S. secure from external threats, and keeping the country prosperous. The GOP holds a six-percentage-point advantage on security, 47% to 41%, and a five-point edge on prosperity, 47% to 42%. At the same time, Americans are evenly split as to which party would better handle the "most important problem" facing the country.

The results are based on questions asked in Gallup's Sept. 4-12 Governance poll designed to assess the images of the two major political parties.

"Overall, Americans give the parties similar favorable ratings," Gallup reported. "On issues, the public is divided as to which party can handle the most important problem, most commonly 'the government' with 'immigration' a distant second in in the current survey. Asked more specifically which party is better able to keep the country safe from external threats and able to keep the country prosperous, Republicans hold a slight edge on both."

The implications, according to Gallup:

In an election year that many pundits expect to be positive for Democrats, largely because of President Donald Trump's low approval ratings, Republicans fare no worse than Democrats on overall party images or perceptions of which party can better handle key issues. At a time when Americans are positive about the economy, the GOP has a slight advantage on that issue, and continue to be viewed as superior to Democrats at keeping the country safe.

Thus, Republicans may win over voters by emphasizing the state of the economy and the United States' relative safety from external threats. However, Republicans do not enjoy a big advantage on either issue; in fact, the GOP has a smaller advantage on security than it typically does. But in an election in which Republicans face strong headwinds because of Trump's unpopularity, an issue-based campaign may help improve their chances of getting the support they need to hold their majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate.

You can see the full poll details here.

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