Democrat Asks, Why Is Intelligence Community Trying to Up-End President With These Leaks?

Susan Jones | May 17, 2017 | 6:37am EDT
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Former U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Democrat from Ohio, told Fox News, "Somebody in the intelligence community is trying to up-end this president in order to pursue a policy direction that puts us in conflict with Russia." He wants to know why. (Screen grab from Fox News)

( – Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Democrat and former congressman from Ohio, says he disagrees with Donald Trump on many issues, but “we have one president and he is being undermined by some people in intelligence.” 

Kucinich spoke to Fox News Tuesday morning about a Washington Post report -- quoting unnamed “officials” -- that said President Trump revealed highly classified information at a meeting with Russian diplomats in the Oval Office last week.

First of all, I read the Washington Post story very carefully. And more than that, I spent 16 years in the United States Congress tracking all these things said about foreign policy.


There is a high B.S. quotient going on right here. And the meter should be going off all over town. We don't need to look to Russia for affirmation. We need to ask questions -- why is this intelligence community trying to up-end the president of the United States with these leaks? Here is the Post story… it’s all over town, people are saying the president did this and that.

Look, I disagree with President Trump on a number of issues, but on this one there can only be one president, and somebody in the intelligence community is trying to up-end this president in order to pursue a policy direction that puts us in conflict with Russia. The question is, why? And who? And we need to find out.

If the information revealed by Trump was so sensitive, “then why did Intel leak it to the Washington Post?” Kucinich asked.  “Whoever leaked it undermined the alliance. And that person or persons should be dealt with severely. 

“Now, as far as the Intel community, something’s out of control here. And there is an effort here to up end the relationship with Russia, put us at odds," Kucinich continued.

“It started during the Obama administration in October of 2016 when there was a peace agreement, or an agreement to end the conflict with Syria, and all of a sudden it was up-ended by people in the Pentagon and C.I.A. So that they were basically making policy over the president's head. Look, we have one president and he is being undermined by some people in intelligence.”

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