Custom Writing Service Says Students 'No Longer Have to Face the Burden of Academic Coursework'

By Susan Jones | January 20, 2014 | 10:40am EST

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( - A Dallas-based company that writes research papers, essays and other classroom assignments -- so students don't have to -- says it is doing so well that it has expanded its staff from just a few writers to more than 100 in the past year.

The company bills itself as the one "students trust to write professional, in-depth and plagiarism-free essays that receive the highest grades for all levels of they no longer have to face the burden of academic coursework."

It says the writing is done for an "affordable" fee; and it has foreign writers on staff for non-American students.

In a news release announcing the "custom writing service" for students in the United States, the company includes the following testimonial:

"I enjoyed using the service," one student is quoted as saying. "The paper was written excellent (sic)...My professor was satisfied, and so am I."

Other testimonials on the company's website read:

"I've sent the paper to evaluation first 'cause I wasn't sure if they can find a writer with a relevant academic background...But yes, they did! It seems like she read my thoughts and written the paper (sic) as if I did it myself, lol :-)"

And this: "Cool essay. Couldn’t been done better (sic). Just noticed a few typos, but that’s okay."

The company offers discounts of 5 percent after ten orders; and 15 percent after 20 orders.

In August, President Obama announced his plan to tie federal financial aid to colleges and universities that do well in a yet-to-be-announced college rating system. As reported at the time, the rating system means the government will define what a good college is.

Increasing the number of students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds "is at the top of the list," Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in October.  Another key criteria is college "affordability." And third is "outcomes" -- graduation rates, job placement, and post-graduate salaries that are high enough to help young people pay back their college loans.

For the record, the essay writing company mentioned above says it also writes college admission essays.

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