CNN's Camerota Asks David Hogg, 'What Kind of Dumb-Ass Colleges Don't Want You?'

By Susan Jones | March 30, 2018 | 7:47am EDT
David Hogg appears on CNN's "New Day" with Alysin Camerota on March 30, 2018. (Photo: Screen grab/CNN)

( – “David, I am stunned that four colleges rejected you. What kind of dumb-ass colleges don't want you?,” CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Parkland gun activist David Hogg on Friday.

“I mean, you've taken the country by storm, how do you explain this? Did they reject you before the Parkland massacre or how do you explain this?” Camerota asked.

To which Hogg replied: "They rejected me about two weeks ago, most of them."

He mentioned UCLA and UCSD. "The way I explain it is, we have a heavily impacted university system in America, and I think there’s a lot of really good candidates that don't get into college, and I think it goes to show that regardless of whether or not you get into college, you can still change the world -- the hardest part is just believing that you can, and continuing that effort to change the world, because you eventually will.”

Hogg said he may take a gap year to "work on the campaign trail," and not just for Democrats. He said his focus is helping to elect candidates of either party who are not supported by the NRA.

Hogg is back in the spotlight following a public spat instigated by Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who tweeted earlier this week that Hogg didn't get into four of the colleges to which he'd applied, despite his 4.2 GPA. Ingraham linked to a story from the "Daily Wire" website.

Hogg is now calling on advertisers to boycott Ingraham's show, and a number of them reportedly have complied.

Ingraham on Thursday apologized to Hogg via Twitter, writing: "Any student should be proud of a 4.2 GPA —incl. @DavidHogg111.  On reflection, in the spirit of Holy Week, I apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of Parkland. For the record, I believe my show was the first to feature David immediately after that horrific shooting and even noted how 'poised' he was given the tragedy. As always, he’s welcome to return to the show anytime for a productive discussion."

On Friday, Camerota marveled at Hogg's "power," noting that after one tweet from him urging a boycott, at least seven advertisers have pulled out of Ingraham's show.

"I mean, it seems like you have a lot of power at the moment, and I'm just wondering how you feel about all this,” Camerota asked Hogg.

Hogg said it's great that corporate America is standing with him and his friends.

He said the Parkland students cannot be pushed around, "especially when all we're trying to do here is save lives, and when people try to distract, like Laura's trying to do right now from what the real issue here is, which is gun violence in America, it's not only sad, it's just wrong...and I hate it."

Asked if Hogg would accept Ingraham's apology, he said "No. She's only apologizing after a third of her advertisers pulled out, and I think it's really disgusting the fact that she basically tried promoting her show after apologizing to me. I think it's wrong, and I think if she really wants to do something, she could cover things like inner city violence and the real issues that we have in America."

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