Student Gun-Control Activist David Hogg Slams Republicans As 'Cowards'

Susan Jones | February 28, 2018 | 8:03am EST
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Student gun control activist David Hogg unleashes his fury on Republicans on his way into school. (Photo: Screen grab/CNN)

( - A furious David Hogg returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, stopping to speak to CNN on his way into the building.

Hogg slammed Republicans as "cowards" and "sharks"; he rejected the idea of more guns in schools, even in the hands of law enforcement officers; and fumed that no gun control legislation has passed either at the state or federal level in the two weeks since a murderer killed 17 of his classmates.


House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other Republicans don't want to "solve" the gun problem. They just want to arm teachers, Hogg complained:

"They want to work on behalf of the people that own them, which is the NRA, multiple different special interest groups. They want to sell more guns, they want to scare more people, get more guns sold so they can get re-elected. They want to scare the people, and we don't want to see that happen," Hogg said.

“The thing that makes me the most mad is even after two weeks -- even after two weeks of all of this -- not a single bill has been passed at state or federal level; none of our glass is being replaced with bulletproof glass; none of our locks that are being replaced are able to be locked from the inside; no legislative action has been taken; all we have now is more guns and more chances for things to go wrong.”

Hogg wondered what would happen if he were misidentified as a school shooter. He also raised the prospect of a "blue-on-blue situation," where law enforcement officers assigned to schools mistakenly begin shooting at each other "and just slaughtered everybody inside."

"The only thing that's changed is we have more guns and more chances for things to go wrong."

Asked by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota how he's finding the "strength" to go back inside the building, Hogg replied: "I have to because our politicians are cowards, and they won't – they won't gather the strength even to stand up to the NRA."

Hogg named Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Gov. Rick Scott (R) and President Donald Trump as people who are influenced by the "shock collar" of the NRA: "At this point, our politicians are like really stupid sharks that think they have power but honestly don't," Hogg said.

Camerota noted that the Florida legislature does appear to be moving forward with raising the purchase age to 21 for guns, along with other school safety measures, but Hogg dismissed the proposals as "just a GOP compromise."

What do you want to see? Camerota asked him.

Hogg replied: "Raising the federal age of gun ownership and possession to the age of 21; banning all bump stocks; making sure that we have universal background checks; making sure that people that have committed acts of domestic violence are no longer able to get a gun, which in Florida, it's harder, it's just not impossible, fully, yet; and making sure that people with a criminal history and a history of mental illness are not able to obtain these weapons of mass destruction."

Hogg said the Florida legislature should have been working on these things even before the school shooting in Parkland.

“I think that the fact that I had to threaten the entire State of Florida's economy to get some action is a testament to how disgusting the state of politics has become.”

Hogg said he does have some hope that things will change, but meanwhile he still doesn't feel safe coming to school. "As I said, we don't have any bulletproof glass; we just have more guns."

Perhaps in response to Hogg's Wednesday morning interview with CNN, Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted: "The debate after #Parkland reminds us We The People don’t really like each other very much. We smear those who refuse to agree with us. We claim a Judea-Christian heritage but celebrate arrogance & boasting. & worst of all we have infected the next generation with the same disease."

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