Is An Unborn Baby With Human Heart a Human Being? Rep. Takai: 'I Don’t Want to Talk About That’

By Sam Dorman | September 30, 2015 | 3:04pm EDT

Rep. Mark Takai (AP Photo)

( --   When asked whether an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver is a human being, Rep. Mark Takai (D-Hawaii) said he did not want "to talk about that."

He also declined to say what "species" an unborn baby is.

On Capitol Hill on Wednesday, asked Rep. Takai: “Is an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver a human being?”

Congressman Takai said: “Oh, I don’t want to talk about that.” followed up, asking: “If it’s not a human being, then what species is it? Excuse me, sir, is it a human being or –?”

Takai said: “I just came out of the Armed Services Committee. If you want to talk about the cyber threats that we have, I’d love to talk about that. Other than that –”

“Well, what is your stance on Planned Parenthood? Ask you that?” asked.

Takai replied: “I just came out of the hearing on Armed Services. I’d love to talk about--.”

At that point, one of the congressman’s staffers said “good day” and they walked off.

Currently, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is investigating Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of aborted baby parts, as revealed in a series of undercover videos, and whether to end federal funding of the organization.

According to its latest annual report, in fiscal year 2014, Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 abortions.

Planned Parenthood also received $528.4 million from government grants and reimbursements that year, which equaled 41 percent of its revenue.

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