Pro-Lifers Launch ‘March on the Media’ to Expose Biased Abortion Coverage

Ryan Kierman | July 25, 2013 | 12:39pm EDT
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Live Action presiden Lila Rose ( Starr)

( – The pro-life advocacy organization Live Action has announced the launch of a “March on the Media” campaign to expose the biased coverage of abortion exemplified by the murder trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell earlier this year.

The media campaign will culminate in mass protests in front of the headquarters of the mainstream media’s “Big Three” television networks: ABC, CBS, and NBC.

"This campaign is about showing the public that the 'Big Three' cannot be trusted when it comes to abortion coverage and that they've been censoring the truth about abortion, what abortion does to a child, about fetal development, about the harm to women, and about these horror stories that have been emerging," Lila Rose, president of Live Action, said in an interview with

Major mainstream media outlets "are really becoming partners for the abortion industry and the abortion lobby, and that's something we hope they will begin to see through our campaign as well as their readers, the American public."

In a press release issued Wednesday, Rose said: “The abortion-friendly reporters and executives in New York and Washington will not come to terms with this fact unless we bring it to their door. So that's what we're doing."

“Like it or not, the major news networks have huge influence in our country," Rose said.  “Millions of Americans get a sense of the world through national filters like ABC, CBS, and NBC. So it's inexcusable when these networks, in whom so much public trust is invested, refuse to report the facts on one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time."

Live Action’s “March on the Media” campaign is based off extensive reports of media bias compiled by the non-profit Media Research Center (MRC), the parent company of It will call attention to what the group says is the mainstream media’s deliberate lack of reporting on what Rose calls “the ultimate human rights abuse” through mass petition drives, a website (, and open letters to each of the three major news networks.

Live Action’s letter to ABC minces no words: “You have choked your network’s broadcasts with bias. You mislead your viewers, and you refuse to present a fair and accurate portrayal of the abortion debate.”

On May 13, Gosnell was found guilty on three counts for the first -degree murder of three newborn babies and the manslaughter of one abortion patient killed by an overdose of drugs he administered. The late-term babies were born alive and then killed shortly afterwards when Gosnell severed their spinal chords with a surgical scissors.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell (AP Photo)

Despite the mass public outcry the Gosnell case raised, coverage by the mainstream media remained scant, which MRC characterized as proof of a liberal bias in favor of unregulated and dangerous abortion practices.

For example, the MRC reports that during the 56-day trial, CBS dedicated a mere two minutes to the case; NBC, barely a minute and a half. On the evening of the court ruling sentencing Gosnell to life in prison without parole, ABC finally ended its “blackout” and dedicated a little under two minutes to the Philadelphia “House of Horrors.”

“The national media never see abortion as the denial of a human right,” said Tim Graham, MRC’s Director of Media Analysis, in an interview with “They don't have the nuance to consider that perhaps rights are in conflict in an abortion, between the rights of the mother and the unborn child. They have a feminist dogma that says there must be an absolute right for a woman to dominate and destroy her baby if that's her 'choice.’ All information that's inconvenient to that absolutism is squelched, censored, or you could say, aborted.”

Rose agrees. “The media has flinched from the reality of abortion for decades, but the degree to which they mischaracterize and whitewash this issue has become egregious lately." she says. "How can you go on about a [Texas state] senator's sneakers and completely ignore the reason you're talking about those shoes in the first place: because she's championing a procedure that literally tears helpless children to pieces and puts women's lives and health in extreme danger?"

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