Pro-Family Group Dreads 'Destruction of Marriage Day'

By Melanie Arter | July 7, 2008 | 8:21pm EDT

( - While same-sex marriage activists are cheering Monday's arrival in Massachusetts when homosexual couples will be allowed to "marry," a pro-family group is dreading the day, calling it "Destruction of Marriage Day."

The Illinois Family Institute warns of expanding legal and moral confusion ahead as Chicago homosexual activists seek to exploit Massachusetts' court-imposed legalization of same-sex "marriages."

"May 17 begins the Destruction of Marriage as it has always been known in the United States--between a man and a woman," said Family Institute Executive Director Peter LaBarbera.

"This sad day marks America's descent into legal and social chaos, and is on a moral--or immoral--par with the legalization of abortion and the debut of 'no-fault' divorce in our nation decades ago," he added.

"I fully expect liberal commentators to adopt a 'what's-the- big-deal' approach to this court-imposed travesty in Massachusetts," LaBarbera said. "The truth is, legal 'gay marriage' will have far-reaching effects on our nation."

LaBarbera predicts lawsuits challenging tradition marriage will spread to Illinois and other states. Several towns in Massachusetts are planning to issue "marriage" licenses to out of state same-sex couples.

LaBarbera points out that a key lesbian lawyer said Illinois' marriage law is not strict enough to prevent homosexuals from "marrying" in Massachusetts.

Chicago homosexual activists recently held a rally calling on followers to clog the legal system with lawsuits demanding a "right to marry." Polygamists and advocates of other "orientations" will follow suit, LaBarbera predicted.

LaBarbera said risky homosexual behavior will be promoted to children and in schools. He pointed to a pro-voting public service announcement airing on the children's cable network, Nickelodeon, in which a 20-something male is shown talking about how the government decides many important things, even whom he can marry.

LaBarbera said if homosexual "marriage" is just about equal rights, like homosexual activists wrongly claim, then all marriage options must be presented as equally valid to schoolchildren.

A homosexual activist group is already marketing a pro-homosexual "marriage" curriculum to schools.

Homosexual adoptions will skyrocket, LaBarbera predicted, thus forcing thousands of innocent children in homes that are motherless or fatherless by design.

Homosexual activists are also equating their issue with the civil rights movement, an insult to many African Americans.

Politicians will push for "civil unions" out of fear, LaBarbera said, which is same-sex "marriage" by another name. He pointed out that in Scandinavia, legalizing same-sex unions has led to less interest in traditional marriage. Thus, heterosexual couples who should get married end up exploiting "civil unions" aimed at homosexuals.

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