UN Issues Stamp Celebrating Homosexuality, Gay Adoption

By Penny Starr | February 29, 2016 | 12:05pm EST

(CNSNews.com) – The United Nations’ Postal Administration earlier this month issued a set of “Free & Equal – UN for LGBT Equality” stamps featuring illustrations of men and women couples, a same-sex couple with a child, and a colorful figure coming out of a closet.

Under the “product description” heading, the postal website states this about the stamps:

“This issue promotes the UN Free & Equal campaign for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality. The new stamps, which celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community, mark the first time that the UNPA has issued stamps with an LGBT theme.

“An initiative of the UN Human Rights Office, Free & Equal is a global public education campaign dedicated to raising awareness of homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination globally. Since its launch, the campaign has generated a stream of popular content and engaged millions of people in an effort to promote the fair treatment of LGBT people and generate support for measures to protect their rights.


“Equality is a fundamental principle of human rights. All human beings – whoever they are, wherever they live, whomever they love – are entitled to enjoy the same basic rights, free from arbitrary interference. All States, regardless of their political, economic and cultural systems, have a legal duty to promote and protect the human rights of all. LGBT people, like everyone else in the world, are entitled to live their lives free from fear, violence, discrimination and persecution.”

The CitizenGo website launched a petition drive on Feb. 12 seeking 100,000 signatures, urging U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-Moon to decommission the stamp, and to date, the petition has more than 65,000 signatures to date.

“The UN’s unilateral decision to promote LGBT ‘sexual rights’ offends the sensibilities of the majority of nations and contradicts many member states’ cultures, traditions, religious beliefs, and laws,” the CitizenGo website stated. “Tell the UN to stop pushing their sexual agenda on the world.”

The United Nations is the only organization in the world which is neither a country nor a territory that is permitted to issue postage stamps. It is also the only postal authority to issue stamps in three different currencies, namely U.S. dollars, Swiss francs and Euro. Those stamps are valid for postage when used on mail from the UN offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

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