U.S. Dept. of Education Celebrates Same-Sex Marriage Decision With Rainbow on Facebook

Penny Starr | June 29, 2015 | 11:31am EDT
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(CNSNews.com) – On Friday, just two hours after the U.S. Supreme Court issued its 5-4 ruling giving homosexuals the “right” to marriage, the Department of Education posted an altered image of its logo that included a rainbow – a symbol that has become synonymous with the gay rights movement.

The Facebook message says: “U.S. Department of Education changed their profile picture,” without any additional remarks.

The profile photo has since been changed back to the blue, white and green logo.


The post garnered more than a thousand comments, most of them critical, including a woman from Alabama who wrote:

“This picture from the US Department of Education made me instantly angry. What you should have been doing all along is educating our youth given equal opportunities. But you take the legalization of gay marriage to show gay pride colors. Department of Education, send someone down here to Alabama. I will take them by the scruff of the neck and show them more than 20 examples of inequality in education that has nothing to do with gay or transgender rights. You can't even get the art of teaching the basics of English, Reading Comprehension, or Mathematics done. We have fallen way down the ladder among the world's countries in educating our youth. So right now, it seems flying these colors are more important to you. It might be the right time to disband your department and return oversight of education back to the states.”

Fox News reported in 2012 that Education Secretary Arne Duncan expressed his support for same-sex marriage.

“Another top Obama administration official appeared to break with the president Monday by publicly declaring his support for gay marriage -- something President Obama has not done,” the report said.

“Education Secretary Arne Duncan, in a television interview Monday morning, said unequivocally that he supports gay marriage,” the report states. “Asked if he thinks gay couples should be able to legally marry, he said: ‘Yes, I do.’”

The White House was lit with rainbow colors on Friday in celebration of the Supreme Court ruling.

“Tonight, the White House was lit to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to progress and equality, here in America and around the world,” the White House said in a statement. “The pride colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, and tonight, these colors celebrate a new chapter in the history of American civil rights.”

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