Conservative Presbyterian Church to Consider ‘Response to Gay Agenda’

By Penny Starr | June 2, 2014 | 3:35 PM EDT

A same-sex marriage is shown (AP Photo)

( – At its annual General Assembly, the Presbyterian Church in America is considering 52 overtures or calls to action, including one “concerning same-sex marriage.”

The same-sex marriage overture, which will be considered at PCA’s 42nd General Assembly (June 17-20), was summarized in the denomination’s quarterly magazine “By Faith.”

“In response to an increasingly aggressive homosexual agenda, Westminster Presbytery has proposed an overture that reaffirms the PCA’s position on homosexuality,” the article stated. “The overture also issues a call to church leaders to petition the government to place restrictions on those who advance the agenda.

“A reaffirmation of the PCA’s position affirms that homosexuality is sin, requires churches to call a practicing homosexual person to repentance, and denies church office and membership to those who practice homosexuality,” the article stated.

“The overture also charges church leaders to petition local government leaders to deny those who ‘practice, advocate, or condone’ homosexuality the right to become schoolteachers, and to petition local, state, and federal government leaders to ‘cease and desist’ from any legislation that legalizes gay marriage,” the article stated.

The article then quoted Daniel Foreman as a spokesman for the Westminster Presbytery, which sought the same-sex marriage overture. Westminster Presbytery is the regional presbytery for PCA located in Upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia and represents 23 churches.

“Because of the rise in seeking to advance the homosexual agenda, our chaplains are under renewed pressure to perform wedding services for same-sex couples, our military chapels are being desecrated with such services being performed, and businesses are being persecuted for not providing consumer services for such activities, etc.” Foreman said.

“Therefore we feel we need as a denomination to reaffirm our position, and to add the emphasis of our opposition … to the concept of same-sex marriages, to give our chaplains and Christian business leaders added support to stand against this behavior for conscience’ sake,” Foreman said.

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