Trump in Texas: ‘Dangerous People Are Coming Here, and the Good People Are Dying’

By Patrick Goodenough | April 10, 2019 | 9:18pm EDT
Roadside memorials near the U.S.-Mexico border. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

( – Migrants coming across the southern border are dying in sizeable numbers, exploited by coyotes – “the worst scum in the world” – and hounded by criminal gangs who also pose a threat to ranchers in Texas, President Trump said during a visit to the state on Wednesday.

“You don’t have a wall, it’s never going to end,” he told reporters in San Antonio. “Dangerous people are coming here, and the good people are dying.”

During a fundraising stop in the city he met privately with a group of local officials and ranchers, then invited the media in for an unscheduled briefing to hear stories of locals finding the bodies of migrants lying in the vast tracts of brush.

Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick, seated alongside Trump, said well over one thousand dead bodies had been documented over the past 5-7 years, and those were just the ones that had been found. And, he added, they include children, pregnant women, and older people.

“The coyotes take their last money, give them some water and a sandwich,” Trump said. “And they start walking – they have hundreds of miles to walk. And they leave them to die.”

Although in the Lone Star State for campaign events, Trump told reporters the issue was a humanitarian one.

“This has nothing to do with politics. This has nothing to do with campaigning, or my campaign. This is totally unexpected that I’d have you [reporters] in here. But these people said it better than anybody else could say it, because they have to live it.”

“And it’s dangerous. And it’s really, from a humane standpoint – a humanitarian standpoint, it’s horrible.”

Trump did also take swipes at the Democrats over immigration policy, and criticized federal judges who, he said, “will rule against us no matter what.”

Along with stories of migrants dying, ranchers shared accounts of being robbed at gunpoint and fearing for their lives at the hands of criminal gang members arriving from Central America.

“You can’t go up to a gate and open a gate without a guy standing there with a rifle because people want to steal your truck,” Trump relayed.

“They’ll kill you, take your truck, sometimes go and rob the house. Who the hell can live like this?”

Northward-bound Central American migrants walk through southern Mexico last November. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Trump accused Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Colombia of sending criminals with the migrants “because they don’t want them in their countries.”

“They’re sending them to the United States because they think that the people of the United States are stupid and they’ll take them.”

“This is a very important story,” he said. “People are dying – great people are dying. Bad people are coming up. You have both.”

Trump said that the people he’d met with had told him the solution was to build the wall along the southwest border.

“You’ve got to have a wall. You don’t have a wall it’s never going to end. Dangerous people are coming here, and the good people are dying,” he said. “The good people are dying. And the good people are being robbed and killed by the bad people.”

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