Obama: I’m Not Driven by an ‘Ideological Agenda’ – I Care About a ‘More Prosperous’ America

By Jon Street | January 2, 2013 | 3:40 PM EST

President Barack Obama gestures as he speaks about the fiscal cliff, Monday, Dec. 31, 2012, in the South Court Auditorium at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

(CNSNews.com) – President Obama said he’s not driven by an “ideological agenda” and that America can “rest assured” all he cares about is leaving behind an America that is stronger, more prosperous, more stable, and more secure than when he became president.

During an exclusive White House interview with host David Gregory of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gregory asked Obama, “How frustrated are you at how hard it appears to be to get some of these things done?”

Gregory had asked Obama about working with Congress to accomplish his top priorities, immigration reform, gun control, and the economy among his second-term top priorities.

“I think we’re all frustrated,” Obama responded. “The only thing I would caution against…I think is this notion of…both sides are…unwilling to cooperate, and that’s just not true.

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“I mean if you look at the facts,” Obama continued, “what you have is a situation here where the Democratic Party…and certainly me…have consistently done our best to try to put country first and to try to work with everybody involved, to make sure that we’ve got an economy that grows, make sure that it works for everybody, make sure that we’re keeping the country safe.

“And does the Democratic Party still have some knee-jerk ideological positions, and are there some folks in the Democratic Party who sometimes aren’t reasonable? Of course, that’s true of every political party,” Obama said.

“But generally if you look at how I’ve tried to govern over the last four years and how I’ll continue to try to govern, I’m not driven by some ideological agenda. I’m a pretty practical guy, and I just want to make sure that things work,” he said.

“One of the nice things about never having another election again – I will never campaign again – is, I think you can rest assured that all I care about is making sure that I leave behind an America that is stronger, more prosperous, more stable, more secure than it was when I came into office, and that’s going to continue to drive me,” Obama added.

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