Newspaper Roundup for Thursday, December 13, 2012

By Susan Jones | December 13, 2012 | 9:29 AM EST

Washington Times:
‘Fast and Furious’ ‘straw buyer’ gets 57-month term
Bought guns found where Terry died

Washington Post's  Milbank:
Lonely farewell address for Joe Lieberman, who speaks to empty chamber

Washington Times:
Complaining but not quitting: Federal workers choose security despite tepid job satisfaction

Washington Post:
At federal government agencies, survey finds sagging job satisfaction

Washington Times:
House members told to plan for Christmas on Hill

Daily Mail:
Actor Sean Penn: 'I don't feel that I have ever been loved'

Denver Post:
Water deficit worsening in the West, Salazar and top regulators say

The Hill:
DeMint says Obama ‘will get his wish’ on higher taxes in cliff deal

Fox News:
U. of Iowa is first public university to add optional LGBT question to application

Fox News:
Proposed Army manual tells G.I.s not to insult Taliban, speak up for women

Fox News:
Washington man's 'Jesus' sign violates property rules, homeowners' association says

San Francisco Chronicle:
Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown treated for prostate cancer

Chicago Sun-Times:
Alderman wants to make it a crime to feed the pigeons

USA Today:
Federal gun checks surge as violent crime ebbs

Boston Globe:
Pennsylvania won’t set up health exchange, governor says

Rep. Jim Moran’s son, Patrick Moran, is in trouble again
Slammed his girlfriend’s head into a metal trash can cage

Washington Times:
Mayor says 'America will retaliate' if no fiscal cliff agreement

Washington Post:
Fed ties stimulus to jobs, inflation in unprecedented steps to bolster economy

USA Today:
Report: Justin Bieber targeted in murder-for-hire plot

Washington Times:
Silent retreats’ rising popularity poses a challenge: How to handle the quiet

Houston Chronicle:
Deputies: Man used neighbor's WiFi to access child porn

Orrin Hatch: Tim Geithner should have quit over fiscal cliff offer

Arizona Republic:
‘Pregnant man’ Thomas Beatie in legal limbo
Judge in divorce case questions gender, legitimacy of marriage

Huge divide remains on Farm Bill

The Local:
Jukkasjärvi erects Sweden's 23rd Ice Hotel