Trump: New DHS Office for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime – You’ll ‘Never Be Ignored Again’

By Michael W. Chapman | January 26, 2017 | 4:45 PM EST

Donald J. Trump, prior to election as

president, speaking at an event

held by the Remembrance Project.


( -- After stating that his executive immigration order will establish a new office in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to support victims of crime committed by illegal aliens, President Donald Trump named six Americans who had been killed by illegals and asked their family members to stand and be recognized during his speech Wednesday at DHS headquarters.

There was Mary Ann Mendoza, who lost her son Brandon Mendoza; Fred, who lost his son Billy and daughter-in-law Nitali; Laura Wilkerson who lost her son Josh; Carrie and Ruiz Junior, who lost their daughter Felicia; and Stephen Ronnebeck, who lost his son Grant.

These people died because of "somebody that should never, ever have been here" in this country, said President Trump. 

"For years the media has largely ignored the stories of Americans and lawful residents victimized by open borders," he said.  "To all of those hurting out there, I repeat to you these words: We hear you, we see you, and you will never, ever be ignored again."

"As I travel the country, I had the chance to get to know mothers who have lost their children to violence spilling over the border," said President Trump.  "I want to thank the Remembrance Project -- such incredible people -- for giving these families a voice. They are called Angel Mom's for good reason because they are a voice to protect all of America's children."

"Their children have not died in vain, believe me," he said. 

Trump continued, "Pundits talk about how enforcing immigration laws can separate illegal immigrant families, but the families they don't talk about are the families of Americans. Forever separated from the people they love, they don't talk about that ever. As your president, I have no higher duty than to protect the lives of the American people."

"First, these families lost their loved ones, then they endured a system that ignored them, while at the same time constantly rewarding those who broke the law," he said. "For these families it has been one injustice after another."

"But that all turns around beginning today," said the president.

(Screenshot: The Remembrance Project website.) 


Trump then mentioned and pointed to the parents of victims of illegal alien crime who were in the audience. He said their names and asked the parents and family members to stand. 

"Mary Ann Mendoza, who lost her son, Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza," said Trump. "Fred and his son James, who lost Billy. Billy was Fred's son and James' brother. Billy's wife, Nitali, was also killed by an illegal immigrant -- somebody that should never, ever have been here.

"Laura Wilkerson, who lost her 17-year-old son, beautiful Josh. Josh was special. Where's Laura? Good. Laura. Thank you, Laura.

"Carrie Ruiz and Lucia Ruiz Junior, who lost their young daughter, Felicia. Thank you. Beautiful Felicia. Thank you very much. Thank you.


"Stephen Ronnebeck, who lost his 21-year-old son, Grant. Thank you, Stephen."

These are "very special people" who have "endured so much," said Trump. 

"Nothing can ever make their pain go away, but I want you to know your children will not have lost their lives for no reason," he said. "They've set this incredible goal for so many. These were great young people and they will always be remembered. Always. We will never forget them."

(Screenshot: The Remembrance Project website.) 



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Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman