Trump Approval by Gallup: 44%, Up 7 Points

By Michael W. Chapman | February 19, 2019 | 1:45pm EST
President Donald Trump. 

( -- The latest Gallup poll on presidential job approval shows that President Donald J. Trump is at 44%, which is up 7 percentage points from late January. Since his inauguration, Trump has not risen above 45% job approval, based on Gallup's data. 

In its latest numbers (for Feb. 1-10), Gallup also reported that Trump's disapproval rating is at 52%, and this is down 7 points from late January.

Trump's job approval has gone up and his job disapproval has gone down between late January and Feb. 10.


Trump's job approval of 44% is at his 751st day in office, according to Gallup. For comparison, President Barack Obama's job approval at 750 days in office was at 50%; George W. Bush's approval was at 61% at 750 days in office; at 746 days in, Bill Clinton was at 49% job approval; Geroge H.W. Bush was at 82% approval 743 days in; Ronald Reagan was at 35% approval 741 days in; and on day 746 in office, Jimmy Carter had a 42% job approval rating. 

President Ronald Reagan who, 741 days in office, had a job approval rating of 35%. (YouTube)


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