Sen. Hirono Fundraises Off of Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing, Then Backpedals

Michael W. Chapman | September 27, 2018 | 12:05pm EDT
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Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii)

( -- Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), who has said she believes Dr. Christine Ford's claim that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago when both of them were in high school,  solicited funds for her reelection campaign earlier today, contending that she must "focus" of stopping Kavanaugh.

Several hours after the fundraising email was sent out, however, Senator Hirono backpedaled, stating in a second email that the initial "fundraising message was sent this morning in error," and that "all contributions that were made on this page will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault."

In the first fundraising email sent out on Thursday, Sept. 27, the day Ford and Kavanaugh are testifying, Senator Hirono states, "I am about to ask you to make a donation to support my re-election campaign before the FEC fundraising deadline on Sunday. Can you give me a quick second to explain why this request is so important, especially today?"

"Here's the main reason," she states. "I am spending every minute of my day fighting the Republicans who are desperate to rush Brett Kavanaugh's nomination and deny a fair investigation into the credible sexual misconduct allegations against him."


"This has to be my focus," says Hirono. "I'm going to continue to prepare and demand a thorough investigation into these claims -- and I am going to fight to make sure Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and any other woman who courageously steps forward to tell her story isn't smeared by conservatives ready to walk over these credible claims against Kavanaugh."

She continues, "What that means is I have limited time to campaign for our re-election or to fundraise -- making us particularly vulnerable to right-wing attacks. So, while I'm focused on stopping Kavanaugh's nomination and fighting the truth, I'm asking you to step up now and ensure my team in Hawaii has everything they need to win our campaign in November."

"Can I count on you?" asks Sen. Hirono.


When asked about Dr. Ford's allegation against Kavanaugh, Hirono told the New York Times, "With reference to Dr. Ford, the credibility is there for her. So I believe her."

As for Kavanuagh, Hirono said, "He has denied everything. But if you look at what’s in his yearbook, there’s a lot there that indicates lots of drinking, those kinds of things."

As for presumption of evidence, Hirono said, "That is something that’s applied in a criminal context. This is a job interview."

Concerning Dr. Ford's allegation, there is no eyewitness that has corroborated it. The four people named by Ford as being at the party where the alleged assault took place have denied that the social gathering even happened. Kavanaugh has emphatically denied the allegation. Dr. Ford reportedly did not name "Brett Kavanaugh" until Sept. 16, 2018 in an interview with the Washington Post.

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