ProGunDating: 'Don't Date a Hogg, Date a Real American!'

By Michael W. Chapman | April 23, 2018 | 2:21pm EDT

( -- Entrepreneur Laura Clark recently started a pro-gun dating service to empower women, to bring Second Amendment admirers together, and to provide a service where customers won't have to risk dating a David Hogg, but can find "a real American!" 

The new company is called, the "Premier Dating Service for Singles Who Support the 2nd Amendment." 

"As politics become more polarizing in 2018 and beyond, it's not uncommon for one's political views to dictate the make-up of their social circle including the dating pool," states the website  "How long would your relationship last if you found out the person you were dating hated Americans who cherish the Second Amendment?"


"Pro-gun Americans are passionate about the Second Amendment, and what it means to this country," states the site.  "Being with someone who shares those beliefs is crucial for relationship success, which is why we've launched a place for pro-gun, pro-NRA Americans to meet, chat and see where it takes them. If you're tired of wasting time in the dating world with anti-gun liberals, you've come to the right place."


Laura Clark launched the dating service, which is part of Friends Worldwide, Inc., a little over a week ago. "I started it because I believe in female empowerment — and the security of gun ownership is a critical component of that topic, despite what liberal feminists will screech about on a daily basis," Clark told by email. 

So far, "the response has been overwhelmingly positive," she said, adding that more than 10,000 Second Amendment supporters have signed up on the site.

"Single gun-owners are loving the fact that they now have place where they can meet others who stand with the Second Amendment," said Clark. 

As for the anti-gun, left-wing activist David Hogg, Clark said, "Hogg has used his status with the liberal media to take advantage of the First Amendment in an effort to undermine -- if not completely suppress -- the Second Amendment. That certainly doesn't reflect what being a real American is all about and we will call him out at every turn."

"We know that pro-gun Americans don't want to end up with a Hogg-like partner," she said, "so we're making it easy for them to find a like-minded supporter of our Constitutional rights."

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