Poll: 60% of Liberals Say Teen Sex is ‘Morally Acceptable'

By Michael W. Chapman | June 15, 2018 | 5:33pm EDT

(CNSNews.com) -- The lastest results in Gallup's annual "Values and Beliefs" survey show that 60% of liberals believe teenagers having sex is "morally acceptable" while only 26% of conservatives say it is morally acceptable. 

For the converse, 70% of conservatives say teen sex is "morally wrong" but only 37% of liberals say the same.

In the survey, Gallup asked, "I'm going to read you a list of issues. Regardless of whether or not you think it should be legal, for each one, please tell me whether you personally believe that in general it is morally acceptable or morally wrong. How about -- sex between teenagers?"

From the 1,024 adults surveyed, 54% said teen sex was "morally wrong" but 42% said it was "morally acceptable."

For the latter percentage, 42%, that's up 6 points from 36% in 2017, and it is up 10 points from when Gallup started asking the question in 2013.


The survey further reported that 60% of liberals think teen sex is fine but 26% of conservatives find it morally wrong. Also, 50% of political moderates said teen sex is wrong. 

Among people who "attend church weekly," only 20% believe teen sex is morally acceptable -- 78% said it is morally wrong. For those who attend church less often than weekly or monthly, 54% said teen sex was fine -- 42% said it is wrong.

When it comes to sex between unmarried adults, 84% of liberals think it is morally acceptable, as do 54% of conservatives, according to the poll. For those who attend church weekly, 59% said premarital sex is wrong.

"Since 2001, most U.S. adults have consistently felt that sex between unmarried adults is morally acceptable -- and they have become even more likely to view it as acceptable since," reported Gallup.  "But these views do not extend to sex between teens, as Americans remain more likely to say it is morally wrong -- though the percentage saying it's morally acceptable has grown in recent years."

"Whether sex between teenagers continues to become more accepted among Americans could largely hinge on the views of adults younger than 30 -- currently the sole age demographic in which a majority says teen sex is morally acceptable," said Gallup.  "If these young adults carry their views with them as they age, this could become a more mainstream view. But if their views become more conservative as they graduate into the next age bracket, teenage sex could remain a practice that most Americans feel is morally wrong."

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