Judicial Watch: Obama Travel Cost Taxpayers Nearly $100 Million

By Michael W. Chapman | May 18, 2017 | 11:20am EDT

The Obamas. (YouTube.)

(CNSNews.com) -- Based on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests of the Secret Service and the Air Force, the government watchdog Judicial Watch reported this week that the cost of President Obama's family travel during his eight years as president totaled $99,714,527, nearly $100 million. 

Some of the new information obtained by Judicial Watch reveals that a March 2014 family trip to Key Largo during spring break cost $1,133,510. The Obamas stayed at the exclusive Ocean Reef Club and the costs for the Secret Service were: $182,120 for hotels and $65,707 in travel expenses.  Flights costs were $885,683. 

In addition, Michelle Obama's February 2015 Aspen vacation cost a total of $121,876.  Hotels for Secret Service cost $47,109 and rental cars and other travel expenses were, respectively, $3,559 and $14,138. 

For the Obamas' family Christmas trip to Honolulu (2016-17), the total flight costs were $2,548,602. 

Judicial Watch also announced that it has filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking records on former President Obama's travel and activities from Jan. 21, 2017 through March 21, 2017. 

"For eight long years, the Obamas spent our tax dollars for a lavish jet-setting lifestyle," said Judiciail Watch President Tom Fitton. "Many in the media would only focus on President Trump's travel, but Barack Obama continues to cost taxpayers with his luxury travel and we aim to get the facts."

In January, the Obama family traveled to Palm Springs, Calif., and President Obama also spent several weeks in French Polynesia.  He and his family still receive Secret Service protection paid by the taxpayers. 

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