Gov. McAuliffe on Virginia Shooting: 'There Are Too Many Guns on the Street'

By Michael W. Chapman | June 14, 2017 | 11:34 AM EDT

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. 

( -- Commenting on today's shooting in Alexandria, Va., in which at least one congressman and one aide were shot, Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe said "we need to do more to protect" people, and added that there are "too many guns on the street."

McAuliffe also talked about "background checks" and "shutting down gun-show loopholes" but added that this was "not for today's discussion."

At the scene in Del Ray, a neighborhood in Alexandria, a reporter asked, "Governor, in general, do you think any more needs to be done to protect politicians?"

Gov. McAuliffe said, "Well, let me say this: I think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens. I have long advocated -- this is not what today is about -- but there are too many guns on the street."

"We lose 93 million [sic, 93 individual] Americans a day to gun violence," said the governor. 

"I've long talked about this: background checks, shutting down gun-show loopholes," he said.  "That's not for today's discussion. It's not just about politicians. We are about this every day for all of our citizens."

the reporter then asked, "If it's not for today, why are you bringing it up? People are going to criticize that you're bringing up gun control at this time."

McAuliffe said,  "Well, I talk about this every single day. It's a very serious issue.... We've got to look at this. But I'm not going to get anywhere near the investigation. The FBI is leading this. But with 93 million people a day -- 93 individuals a day." 

McAuliffe, 60, is the 72nd governor of Virginia. He is a former chariman of the Democratic National Committee. He is married and has five children. 

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Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman

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