GOP Congressmen Call for Investigation of FBI's 'Special' Treatment of Hillary Clinton

By Michael W. Chapman | December 6, 2017 | 3:04pm EST
GOP Congressmen Matt Gaetz, 
Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, 
and Mark Meadows, at
the Capitol, Dec. 6
2017. (YouTube)

( -- Six Republican members of Congress held a press conference today and called for an investigation of the FBI's policies in applying "special" treatment to some of its investigations, including that of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her use of a personal computer server and her deletion of thousands of government emails. 

The congressmen, in a statement, noted former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe's remarks that the bureau's investigation of Clinton's misuse of a personal email server was "referred to as 'special'" and that "the decision was made to investigate it at HQ with a small team."

At the press conference on Capitol Hill, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) said, "Americans are tired of special treatment for the Clintons and their friends. Sadly, our own FBI has no interest in investigating them."

Former FBI Director James Comey. (YouTube)

"From Uranium One to the Clinton e-mail server, the Obama Administration and the FBI has a lot to explain," said Biggs.  "I am pleased to join my colleagues to demand answers for my constituents, and will not stop fighting until I receive them."

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said, “We are here today calling for an investigation into FBI systems and procedures that have allowed special treatment and bias to run rampant. The law demands equal treatment for all, not ‘special’ treatment for some."

In 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (YouTube)

"There is a clear and consistent pattern of treating the Clinton investigation differently than other investigations," said Gaetz.  "At least some of this ‘special’ treatment seems to have been motivated by political bias. As America’s premier law enforcement agency, the FBI must rise above the fray of partisanship. Our judicial system depends on equal treatment under the law."

In addition to Gaetz and Biggs, the other congressmen at the press conference were Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), Scott Perry (Penn.) and Jody Hice (R-Ga.). 

Back on Nov. 28, Reps. Gaetz, Biggs, and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray asking that he answer several questions about the FBI's "special" treatment of certain investigations in preparation for his upcoming testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.  Reps. Gohmert, Jordan, Gaetz and Biggs are members of the committee.


In the letter, the congressmen state, "the FBI has recently released emails in which the Hillary Clinton email investigation was called 'special' by current FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The substance of these emails triggers the oversight function of the Judiciary Committee upon which we serve. Specifically, special treatment for any American undermines the cherished principle of equal treatment for all under the rule of law."

The letter then notes that the FBI had opened an investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server in July 2016. The FBI's Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said he was "not consulted" about the investigation and "not given any details." He also said it was a "special" case and "the decision was made to investigate it at HQ with a small team."

Around the time that investigation was occuring, the letter notes, "Then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting alone with former President Bill Clinton on a private jet while investigating his wife."


Further, "Lynch directing then-FBI Director James Comey to call the Clinton email investigation a 'matter' rather than an investigation";

"Comey separating the Clinton investigation from the Washington Field Office and normal procedures for investigations, and, as McCabe's emails state, making 'the decision [...] to investigate it at HQ with a small team";

And, "Comey drafting a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton prior to conducting key elements of the investigation, such as interviewing witnesses, including Ms. Clinton herself."

The congressmen want to FBI Director Wray to define what "special" means for an FBI investigation; who approved the "special" status for Clinton; and who decided the investigation would be handled by a small team at headquarters.

Further, the congressmen want the FBI director to answer whether the bureau paid for the Fusion GPS dossier prepared by Christopher Steele, which reports alleged misbehavior by Donald Trump before he was president, and whether the dossier was used to obtain "FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on American citizens." 

Read the complete letter here

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. (YouTube) 


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