Gallup: Record 27% Say Immigration Most Important Problem Facing USA

By Michael W. Chapman | July 25, 2019 | 11:24am EDT
(Getty Images)

( -- In its ongoing survey of what Americans view as the "most important problem" facing the United States, Gallup found that immigration is the number one problem and that a record 27% of adults cited immigration as the top problem. Only 4% cited climate change as the top problem, and only 3% named the economy as the top problem.

In the survey, conducted July 1-12, Gallup asked, "What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?"

Twenty-seven percent said "immigration." Twenty-three percent said "the government/poor leadership."  From there, the numbers dropped off substantially. For instance, only 7% said "race relations/racism" is the most important problem, and only 4% cited "environment/pollution/climate change."


At the bottom of the responses was "lack of respect for each other," cited by only 3% of U.S. adults as a major problem. 

"Immigration now sits at the top of the "most important problem" list for just the fourth time in Gallup's trend, having also done so in July 2014, July 2018 and November 2018," said the polling firm.  "The issue edged out the government, which has been a fixture at or near the top of the list throughout the latter part of the Obama administration and the Trump administration."

"Gallup has asked the 'most important problem' question since 1939, and has done so on a monthly basis since March 2001," reported the firm.  "Over the past 19 years, only five other issues have been mentioned at some point by at least the 27% who named immigration this month. These include the economy in general, unemployment, the situation in Iraq, terrorism and the government."

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