Gallup: Congress Approval Rating is 13%

By Michael W. Chapman | November 2, 2017 | 11:18am EDT
U.S. Capitol.  (YouTube)

( -- Although President Donald Trump's approval rating is at 35%, he is head and shoulders above Congress, which has an approval rating of only 13%, according to a Gallup survey.  Congress had a historic low approval rating of 9% in 2013, when Democrats dominated the Senate, Republicans ran the House, and Barack Obama was in the White House.

Gallup's survey of Americans' views of Congress was conducted Oct. 5-11. It showed that only 13% of adultes, aged 18 and older, approved of Congress. This was down from 16% approval in September 2017. Approval was at 28% in February of this year, after the new administration and new Congress started.

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Even along political lines, the numbers were low. Only 18% of Republican Americans said they approved of Congress' job performance, as did only 14% of Democrats.  Just 10% of Independents said they approved of Congress' performance. 

"Americans' approval of Congress has historically lagged that of other major institutions, but Americans' views of the legislative branch have been particularly low since the late 2000s," reported Gallup.  "The last time Congress received approval from even a third of Americans was in mid-2009.

"It's hard to see this changing anytime soon, as the largest recent increases in approval came after one party assumed control of the presidency and both houses of Congress -- Democrats in 2009 and Republicans earlier this year."

"In both instances," said Gallup, "the increase in congressional approval did not last long, with ratings reverting back to what they were by the end of the first year of one-party control -- a phenomenon that could be occurring yet again this year."

In today's Congress, the Republicans hold a majority in the House, 246-147, a majority in the Senate, 54-46, and the president is a Republican. 

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