France's Marion Le Pen at CPAC: 'Just Like You, We Want Our Country Back!' America First and France First!

Michael W. Chapman | February 27, 2018 | 2:09pm EST
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French conservative
Marion Le Pen. (CPAC)

( -- Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Feb. 23, conservative Catholic French politician Marion Marechal-Le Pen said the election of President Donald Trump proves that when "the people are given the opportunity to take their country back, they will seize it," and that she supports a policy of America First for the American people, Britian First for the British people, and France First for the French people. 

Marion Le Pen, 28, also defended the family, the nation, natural law, and a common morality. "What do we want?" she asked. "Just like you, we want our country back." 

“Let me be clear here, I’m not offended when I hear President Donald Trump say ‘America First,'" said the young Le Pen. "In fact, I want America First for the American people. I want Britain First for the British people. And I want France First for the French people."

Marion Le Pen is the niece of Marine Le Pen, who ran for the French presidency on the conservative National Front ticket in 2016-17. Marion Le Pen is also the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who founded the National Front, but who was removed from the party in 2015 by Marine Le Pen who denounced his extreme views. Marion Le Pen is in agreement with her aunt on most issues and she is seen as more traditionally Catholic and pro-family. 

Marion Le Pen is a National Front party member and she served in the National Assembly from 2012 to 2017. 

“After 40 years of massive immigration, Islamic lobbies, and political correctness France is in the process of passing from the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church to the little niece of Islam," said Le Pen at CPAC.  "And the terrorism is the only tip of the iceberg. This is not the France that our grandparents fought for [in World Wars I and II]."

U.S. and French flags at the American Cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer, near Caen in Western France.
(Screenshot: YouTube) 

"How did we get here?" she said. "Because the EU and French governments forgot one crucial point: To open oneself to the outside, you must have a solid core. To welcome, you have to remain; and to share, you must have something to offer."

“Without nation and without family, the limits of the common good, natural law, and collective morality disappear as the reign of egoism continues," said Marion Le Pen.  

"Today, even children have become merchandise. We hear now, in the public debate that we have the right to order a child in a catalog [IVF clinics], we have the right to rent a woman’s womb, we have the right to deny a child a mother or a father – no, you don’t! A child is not a ‘right.’"

"Is this the freedom that we want?" she said.  "No, we don’t want this atomized world of individual without gender, without father, without mother, and without nation."

President Donald Trump.

“So, what do we want then?" said Le Pen.  "Finally, just like you, we want our country back."

"I came here to tell you that there is a youth ready for this fight in Europe today," she said.  "A youth who believes in hard work, who believe that the flag means something, who want to defend individual liberty and private property – a conservative youth movement that wants to protect their children from eugenics and from the gender-terror delirium. A youth that wants to protect their parents from euthanasia, and protect humanity from communism."

“Like the American youth, the French youth is the heir of a great nation," she said. "To whom much is given, much is expected. Our fight cannot take place only in elections. We need to convey our ideas across the media, in the culture and education to stop the domination of the liberals and the socialists."

Marion Le Pen continued, “The last two years have shown one thing: Never underestimate the people. Only a battle not waged is a battle lost. Brexit in the UK, many [garbled] in France and, of course, the election of President Donald Trump prove a fact: When the people are given the opportunity to take their country back, they will seize it."

(Image: CPAC 2018) 

“Through your actions and your talents, you have succeeded in putting conservatism right back on top of the political agenda," she said.  "Let us build on what you have achieved here, so that on both sides of the Atlantic a conservative agenda may prevail."

She then read a quote, “'Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire,'" and continued,  "You were the spark. It is now up to us to feed the conservative flame in our country. … Long live the Franco-American friendship!”

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