Duck Dynasty’s Jase Predicts Hollywood Will Produce More 'Clean' Pro-Family Shows

By Michael W. Chapman | August 22, 2014 | 1:13 PM EDT

Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson and Jase Robertson. (A&E)

( Dynasty star Jase Robertson said he agreed that there is a large market for pro-family, pro-Christian shows like Duck Dynasty, and “they’ll be more shows” like it because if Hollywood can get millions of people to watch and “start making money,” then it will “figure out a way to reproduce it.”

He added that it would “be difficult” to reproduce a show exactly like Duck Dynasty, but a program that is “something the whole, entire family can enjoy, and it’s clean and good” will come, they are “on the horizon.”

At a recent Capitol Hill press conference on raising awareness about children born with cleft lips and cleft palates, which is the case with the Robertson’s daughter Mia, asked Jase Robertson about the “pro-family and pro-Christian message of Duck Dynasty,” and whether the show’s success “is an indication that that type of message, programming, has potentially a very large market and that maybe other cable programs or producers could look into producing those types of programs?”

Jase Robertson said, “Yeah, I think so.  I think there was a place for a show that a family could sit down and watch together, where there may be small children all the way up to great grandparents. You know, we go all over the country and thank people for their support and they continually say that we sit down together, you know, as a family, our entire family.”

“You know, it’s funny, and I think the laughter is a good distraction from a lot of things that we have going on,” said Robertson, who is the second oldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, the patriarch and matriarch of the Duck Dynasty family.  “But there’s also something special about getting together at a table which, you know, in our busy, hectic world is easy not to do.”

Jase and Missy Robertson and their three children.

He continued,  “And so I really believe that the networks were kind of surprised at what happened because they were just kind of thinking of the content itself, which is us being ourselves, talking off the top of our heads, which can be pretty funny in my family. But it also kind of made a statement, not directly, of saying, ‘look, this is something the whole entire family can enjoy and it’s clean and good,’ and that’s what it is. So yeah, I think they will, I think you’ll see them [more programs], see them come, on the horizon.” then asked, “More programs to come like that?” and Robertson said, “I think they’ll be more shows. They’ll try. Look, Hollywood, you get millions of people to watch something, you know, they start making money, so, got to figure out a way to reproduce it.”

“It’ll be difficult with our show because we all made kind of pact with each other that we we’re going to be ourselves -- that way we wouldn’t, you know, be stressed out about the show,” he said.  “  So there’s a lot of ad-libbing going on. I don’t know if you all gathered from the show. There’s a direction we’re headed but how we get there, you know, nobody really knows. I think that’s one of the cool things about our show.   I appreciate the question.”

Several Duck Dynasty cast members, l-r, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson and Willie Robertson. (A&E)

Jase and Missy Robertson have three children -- Reed, Cole, and Mia -- and live in West Monroe, La., where the Duck Dynasty program is filmed for the A&E channel.

Although Duck Dynasty's ratings declined to an average 6.5 million viewers per episode this year, down from an average 9.1 million viewers in 2013, the show is still considered the highest rated reality-TV program in cable history.

Despite the decline in ratings, Duck Dynasty has come in as the No. 1 show for nearly every week in cable this year, beating all other cable-TV shows in its time-slot.  See TV by the Numbers here.

Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman

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