Archbishop: Church Will Shun Persons and Businesses Who Help Build Planned Parenthood Clinic

Michael W. Chapman | February 13, 2014 | 3:40pm EST
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New Orleans' Catholic Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond. (AP)

-- Any person, organization, or business that assists in any way with the "acquisition, preparation, and construction" of a new Planned Parenthood abortion facility in New Orleans is "cooperating with the evil that will take place there," said Catholic Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond.
He added that the archdiocese will use its resources and facilities  to avoid entering into any business relationships with persons or businesses, regardless of religious affiliation, "that are essential to making this abortion facility a reality."
Construction of the new $4.2 million, 8,000-foot Planned Parenthood building at 4636 South Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans is set to begin this year, with the facility, which will perform abortions, opening sometime in 2014.  The City of New Orleans approved the constuction permit for the abortion office on Dec. 5, 2013.
In a letter published in the archiocesan newspaper, the Clarion Herald, on Jan. 27, Archbishop Aymond provided details about the abortion facility and said that experts project that the Planned Parenthood office "could perform upwards of thirty (30) abortions per day."
The archbishop then quoted from the Catechism of the Catholic Church that human life must be respected and protected from the moment of conception and cited biblical passages in defense of human life.

President Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. (AP)

"We cannot be silent in view of the grave injustice presented by the abortions that will be performed at the Planned Parenthood facility," said the archbishop. "The archdiocese is obliged to remind every person and organization involved in the acquisition, preparation, and construction of this or any abortion facility that they are cooperating with the evil that will take place there."
"For this reason, the archdiocese, including the churches, schools, apartments for the elderly and nursing homes, will strive in its privately funded work not to enter into business relationships with any person or organization that participates in actions that are essential to making this abortion facility a reality," said Archbishop Aymond.
He continued, "This policy applies to all businesses, regardless of religious affiliation or non-affiliation. Our fidelity to Church teaching and our conscience necessitates this stance. There is no justifaction, including economic hardship that will make a direct or indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood, or any abortion provider, acceptable. Additionally, affiliation or support of Planned Parenthood by Catholics is a matter of serious scandal."

Artists depiction of the proposed Planned Parenthood facility for New Orleans. (Photo:

"There are many issues, from violence in the streets to poverty, which hurt this community," said the archbishop. "A regional abortion center will not solve our problems; it will only create more. ... We hope that the community invested in the City of New Orleans and in her future will join us in standing fro life, not more abortion. All citizens of the New Orleans area must stand together for a peaceful community, not one with more abortion and more Planned Parenthood."
According to its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States, for the year that ended Sept. 30, 2012, had performed 327,166 abortions.   The same report shows that Planned Parenthood received $540.6 million in taxpayer-funded government health services grants. contacted Archbishop Aymond's office and communcations office with several e-mails and asked, "Given what you [Arbp. Aymond] said concerning the Planned Parenthood facility in New Orleans, is federal funding of Planned Parenthood also cooperating with evil? Does allocating taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood constitute cooperation with evil?"
The archbishop's office did not respond before this story was posted.
In the archdiocese of New Orleans there are approximately 387,000 Catholics, 108 parishes, 336 priests, 85 elementary and high schools with 38,250 students,  3 colleges, 4 homes for dependent children and 5 nursing homes.
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