Wikileaks’ Assange: Media ‘Very Dishonest,’ Colluded with Hillary Clinton

Melanie Arter | January 4, 2017 | 3:20pm EST
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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (AP Photo)

( – Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday that the media is “very dishonest,” but stopped short of calling it “corrupt.”

“It’s very dishonest,” Assange said of the media, adding that they were in collusion with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.



Hannity: "I said in my country Julian that journalism is dead. I said it in 2008, because I was investigating Barack Obama and his background and his associations and his career and his lack of knowledge and his radical belief system, and everybody in the media ignored a lot of it. So my question to you then is now knowing what Wikileaks revealed about the Podesta emails – on Clinton corruption, on pay-to-play, on Bernie Sanders being cheated, all of this is revealed. Not a lot of it was covered. So what does that say to the American people about media coverage in America? Dishonest?"

Assange: "It’s very dishonest. Corrupt is interesting. It depends on your definition. If you look at what we published in the Podesta emails—"

Hannity: "They’re colluding with Hillary. That’s not corrupt?"

Assange: "It’s an ethical corruption."

Hannity: "They’re not identifying it to their audiences. They claim that they’re objective journalists."

Assange: "It’s ethically corrupt, corrupt by—corruption also means something more, which is that you’re taking money in exchange. So I don’t think that—"

Hannity: "Collusion."

Assange: "They’re colluding, yeah."

Hannity: "Because they share her political agenda. Well why else would they collude? Or they hate Donald Trump."

Assange: "I think that’s an optimistic interpretation – that they share the political agenda."

Hannity: "Well explain that."

Assange: "It’s more like you rub my back. I’ll rub yours. I’ll give you information. You’ll come to my—I’ll invite you to my child’s christening or our next big party. Do you know what I mean?"

Hannity: "Or state dinner?"

Assange: "Yeah. I think it’s more. Sadly, I think it’s along those lines."

Hannity: "But I look at this list of what Wikileaks exposed—"

Assange: "Could I just go back to this media question? What is the line now in the New York Times, say MSNBC? Okay, the line is that Wikileaks changed the results of the election. Okay, as editor of Wikileaks we’re quite happy to have the credit for exposing corruption and behavior that was occurring in that Clinton team and the DNC fixing things … [against] Bernie Sanders, we’re quite happy to accept that—"

Assange said he was motivated by the “politcal agenda” that “the best type of government comes from a government that is scrutinized by the people when they have true information about how government and major corporations, other power actors in a society actually behave.”

Hannity: "Was that your motivation? Was your motivation to influence the election or is your motivation—What is your motivation? Is it fidelity to truth?"

Assange: "My motivation for maybe 20 years, but 10 years with Wikileaks has been to publish true information that is otherwise unsayable. So we’re not in competition if you like."

Hannity: "You have no political agenda?"

Assange: "That is a political agenda."

Hannity: "When you expose government corruption?"

Assange: "It’s not a party political agenda. It is a philosophical agenda. We believe that the best type of government comes from a government that is scrutinized by the people when they have true information about how government and major corporations, other power actors in a society actually behave."

Assange also said he hopes his influence on the 2016 presidential election represents a new reality that if the media does not do its job, there will be more Wikileaks in the future.

Hannity: "Let me ask you this: as a conservative, one of the things that shocked me about the revelations with Wikileaks in this election cycle – it drove me crazy for years – the narrative that would be used by the Democrats by conservatives like myself as Republicans are racist, that they’re sexist, that they’re homophobic, that they’re misogynistic, Islamophobic, all those lines they use, and what was fascinating – and not many people wanted to pay attention to it, and I think that’s cause of the media collusion – is they were exposed as using racial language, being anti-Semetic, homophobic, which led to on the eve of the Democratic convention Debbie Wasserman Schultz being fired. That to me was the type of thing that you—you sort of like open a window and things are not often the way they appear. Is this now a new reality going forward in terms of if the media’s not going to do their job, they are going to be more Wikileaks in the future?"

Assange: "Well, I certainly hope so."

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