Trump: Journalists ‘Are the Most Dishonest People’

Melanie Arter | November 2, 2016 | 3:44pm EDT
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GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump (AP Photo)

( – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told supporters in Miami, Fla., Wednesday that journalists “are among the most dishonest people” he’s ever met.

“Another important issue for Americans is integrity in journalism. These people are among the most dishonest people I’ve ever met, spoken to, done business with. These are the most dishonest people. There has never been dishonesty, there has never been dishonesty like we’ve seen in this election,” Trump said.


“There’s never been anywhere near the media dishonesty like we’ve seen in this election. Don’t worry. They won’t spin the cameras and show the kind of massive crowds. They won’t do that,” he said.

Trump referenced a New York Post article published Tuesday, which said the presidential race marks “the low water mark  of journalism.”

“The very talented Michael Goodwin of the New York Post just wrote today that 2016 presidential race will mark the low water mark of journalism that is worthy – think of it – of the First Amendment. ‘Never before has so many media organizations – old and new – abandoned all pretense of fairness to take sides and try to pick a president,’” Trump said, quoting Goodwin.

“It’s unbelievable,” Trump said. “For instance, we’ll have a great story. We’ll give it out to the media. They’ll make it look as bad as possible, as bad as possible.”

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