Trump: State Dept. Email Scandal 'Bigger Event Than Watergate' and ‘Media Barely Covers’ It

By Melanie Arter | October 19, 2016 | 1:51pm EDT
GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump (AP Photo)

( – GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump complained Tuesday that the media barely covered the news that Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy allegedly considered a quid pro quo arrangement an FBI official in exchange for the FBI keeping an e-mail to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unclassified.

“The media barely covers this event by the way. This is a bigger event than Watergate, and they practically refuse to cover it,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colo.


“Newly released – two days ago – FBI documents reveal just how deep the corruption goes. The undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy illegally pressured the FBI to unclassify e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s illegal server. It’s hard to believe – and nothing happens to her. Folks, and nothing ever happens. In other words, the State Department was trying to cover up Hillary’s crime of sending classified information on a server our enemies could easily access,” Trump said.

Trump called for Kennedy to be fired.

“The FBI document showed that Patrick Kennedy made the request for altering classification as part of a very, very serious quid pro quo. Not allowed to do it. This is a felony corruption. Yesterday, I said Undersecretary Kennedy must immediately resign,” he said. “The media barely covers this event by the way. This is a bigger event than Watergate, and they practically refuse to cover it. Today, I’m calling for him to be fired.”

Trump said there must be some in the FBI and the Department of Justice who are “ashamed” of what happened.

“There’s never been a time in our country’s history where anything like this has gone on, and the FBI – there must be people in there based on what you read that are ashamed of what’s happened, and the Department of Justice, there must be people in there that are ashamed, absolutely ashamed of what’s been going on,” he said.

“This truly is many times worse than Watergate, and we’re going to put an end to it on November 8th,” Trump said.

“As Wikileaks proved, the media is merely … just an extension of the Clinton campaign. The press has created a rigged system and poisoned the mind of so many of our voters. They have rigged it from the beginning by telling totally false stories, most recently about phony allegations, where I have been under constant attack,” he said.

Trump said the media has attacked his business, his family, and his temperament.

“This is an election about truth, and you’re not gonna get it from the dishonest media,” Trump said. “Some people can’t handle the truth. No matter what people may think of me, the one thing they know is that we’re going to tell the American people where we stand, where we are. We’re going to tell them the truth.”

“They (the media) are so worried. That’s why they’ve become vicious and hostile and dirty, because they see what’s going on,” he added.

Trump said the media was nasty during the general election when there were 17 Republican presidential contenders, but once he won the nomination, “they really got nasty.”

“I think the media’s trying to discourage our people from going out to vote, and it was just brought up to me by a reporter in the back. They said, you know it’s very interesting. When you were fighting 17 people, the media was nasty, but they really got nasty when we started to take the lead in the polls. They said wait a minute, this thing’s gonna happen – change, stop our jobs from leaving, our companies from leaving, strengthen our military, preserve our 2nd Amendment,” Trump said.

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