Trump: Bill Clinton Was Best of Last Four Presidents

By Melanie Arter | June 18, 2015 | 11:14 AM EDT

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump (AP Photo)

( – GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday that former President Bill Clinton was the best of the last four presidents – and former President George W. Bush was the worst.

“I would really say Clinton, probably. I would have to say Clinton,” because “there was a little spirit,” Trump said. “Frankly, he would have been – had he not met Monica [Lewinsky], had he not met Paula [Jones], had he not met various and sundry semi-beautiful women, he would have had a much better deal going.

“He was destroyed by that. He was really hurt very badly by that, but he’s Teflon,” Trump said.


“Look at the email situation. Anybody else, she [Hillary Clinton] would have been brought down... Could you imagine a Republican deleted all of their emails after getting the subpoena? They’d be in jail right now. With her it’s like, I don’t even hear them talking about it anymore. So I gotta hand it to Clinton – her to a lesser extent – but now maybe more,” he said.

As previously reported, Hillary Clinton admitted to deleting thousands of what she characterized as “personal e-mails” from a secret server from her time as secretary of state, despite having been subpoenaed to produce all information related to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Trump said Bush was the worst because of the Iraq war.

“I’m not a fan of Bush, and a lot of people are surprised, but he got us into Iraq, and if you look … in Reuters in ’04 … I said, ‘Don’t go into Iraq. You’re going to destabilize the Middle East, and the worst elements are going to take over the oil,’ and that’s what happened,” said Trump.

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