Obama Predicts Submerged Cities, Mass Migrations, Food Supplies Decimated ‘If We Don’t Act Boldly’ on Climate Change

By Melanie Arter | September 20, 2016 | 2:51pm EDT
President Barack Obama (AP Photo)

(CNSNews.com) - In a speech to the United Nations Tuesday, President Barack Obama said if the world does not “act boldly” on climate change, there will be "mass migrations," submerged cities and "decimated" food supplies.

“If we don’t act boldly, the bill that could come due will be mass migrations and cities submerged and nations displaced and food supplies decimated and conflicts born of despair,” said Obama.

“The Paris agreement gives us a framework to act but only if we scale up our ambition, and there must be a sense of urgency about bringing the agreement into force and helping poorer countries leapfrog destructive forms of energy,” he added.

“So for the wealthiest countries, a green climate fund should only be the beginning,” Obama said.

“We need to invest in research and provide market incentives to develop new technologies and then make these technologies accessible and affordable for poorer countries and only then can we continue lifting all people up from poverty without condemning our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair,” he said.

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