NASA Rated the Best Place to Work in Federal Government

Melanie Arter | December 21, 2016 | 11:51am EST
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NASA astronaut Scott Kelly speaks during a press conference Friday in Houston. (AP Photo)

( - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has received the highest ranking of any large government agency on the Partnership for Public Service’s “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” rankings.

NASA received a 78.6 index score in 2016, which is up 2.5 from last year.

“The index score is not a combined average of an agency’s category scores. It is calculated using a proprietary weighted formula that looks at responses to three different questions in the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. The more the question predicts intent to remain, the higher the weighting,” the Best Places to Work website stated.

The rankings were based on the following questions that were asked:

  • I recommend my organization as a good place to work. (Q. 40)
  • Considering everything, how satisfied are you with your job? (Q. 69)
  • Considering everything, how satisfied are you with your organization? (Q. 71)

“The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings, produced by the Partnership and Deloitte, offer the most comprehensive assessment of how federal public servants view their jobs and workplaces, providing employee perspectives on leadership, pay, innovation, work–life balance and other issues,” the website stated.

“America deserves a federal government that is highly effective—meaning one that is efficient, innovative and responsive to the needs of its citizens. The Partnership for Public Service is committed to the idea that government works best when it has an engaged workforce, good leaders and the processes, structures and information to make smart decisions,” it stated.

“We accomplish our mission by identifying opportunities to make government work better, offering solutions to fix government where it is broken and collaborating with people inside and outside government to bring about change,” it added.

In 2015, NASA had employees represented by all ethnicities (black, white, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, native Hawaiian, and multi-racial), and it scored the highest among all ethnicities. In fact, NASA scored the highest among every demographic: female, male, employees with disabilities, LGBT, veterans and Senior Executive Service (SES).

According to Government Executive, this marks the fifth consecutive year that NASA was ranked the best place to work.

Notably, the Department of Homeland Security was marked last among large government agencies as the best place to work, scoring a 45.8, which is 2 points higher than last year’s score.

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