Mother Whose Son Was Killed by an Illegal Immigrant: ‘We Need to Secure Our Borders'

By Melanie Arter | July 19, 2016 | 11:52am EDT
(AP Photo)

( - Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was killed in an accident by an illegal immigrant told the Republican National Convention on Monday that the United States needs to secure its borders.

“I have been talking about illegal immigration since 2012, since he got killed, and no one listened until Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not only my hero, he’s my lifesaver,” Durden told the audience at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.


“My best friend, my rock, my son Dominic, my only child was also killed by an illegal immigrant. I call them illegal aliens. He was an amazing young man who was loved by all. He was fun, generous, outgoing. He was also in law enforcement. He was a 911 dispatcher and pursuing his dream to be a helicopter pilot for the police department,” she said.

“Life was good. His future looked bright, until a criminal illegal alien turned car in front of him riding his motorcycle to work, and he killed him instantly,” Durden added.

Durden described how her son was cut down in the prime of his life by an illegal alien from Guatemala, who had previously been deported for felony convictions of armed robbery and grand theft.

“After returning to America illegally again, he was caught drunk driving – no license, no registration, no insurance, and he got probation. Another DUI, another probation. Five weeks later, while barely under the legal limit of being drunk, he killed my Dom. He was given a misdemeanor and served just 35 days in jail,” Durden said.

“We need to enforce our existing immigration laws. We need to secure our borders so no other person has to ever go through this kind of grief, pain and agony knowing this could have been prevented. Build the wall, and Americans need to come first,” she added.

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