March for Life President as Blizzard Began: No Sacrifice Too Great to Fight for Right to Life

Melanie Arter | January 22, 2016 | 7:46pm EST
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( - In a speech kicking off the March for Life on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Friday, March for Life President Jeanne Mancini said the blizzard that hit the Washington region was not enough to stop pro-lifers, because “there is no sacrifice too great to fight the human rights abuse of abortion.”

“Thank you for being here despite the weather forecast. The world may think that we’re a little bit crazy to be here on a day like today, but those that are standing here know that there is no sacrifice too great to fight the human rights abuse of abortion,” said Mancini.

The 2016 March for Life coincides with the 43rd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.

Forecasters estimate at least 20 inches of snow will hit the region in the first blizzard of the year. Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia have all been declared states of emergency because of the snowstorm. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Thursday that the blizzard would be treated “as a Homeland Security and Emergency Management event.”

Mancini urged pro-life activists at the march to share their photos and stories about why they march for life using the Twitter handle #whywemarch.

“Everybody stop right now, and take a picture of those around them so that the mainstream media will know the tens of thousands of people here today, who are here, and why we march,” she said.

“Our theme this year as you know is Pro-Life and Pro-Woman go hand in hand. Why this theme? Why now? First, and most importantly, a woman’s capacity to have a child is an incredible, beautiful and amazing thing. It’s something inherent to women. It’s a miracle, not a liability,” said Mancini.

“This is true for women who might not even ever be biological mothers,” she said. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. A capacity to be a mom is part of who a woman is as a person. It’s not that they’re defined by it, but it’s not that it’s a liability, and why should it be?

“To treat a woman’s capacity for motherhood as something that should be downplayed does a real disservice to the inherent dignity of women and ultimately men too, but second, abortion is not good for women - psychologically or physically, and you know what? This isn’t just my opinion, and it’s not just your opinion,” said Mancini.

She pointed to research, specifically a Marist poll released recently that said the majority of Americans believe abortion harms women more than helps them.

Mancini said not only do many women regret their abortions, but abortion causes them to suffer “very difficult psychological consequences.” Besides that, it could cause physiological consequences too, including premature birth, infertility, and even death.

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