Jeb Bush: Liberty Grads Have ‘The Greatest of All Callings: to Know, Love, and Serve the Lord’

By Melanie Arter | May 12, 2015 | 3:36 PM EDT

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (AP Photo)

( – Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told graduates of Liberty University on Saturday that they have “the greatest of all callings: to know, love, and serve the Lord.”

“If there’s any useful role I can perform here, maybe it’s just to offer one last word of encouragement in the vocation you have freely taken up. It’s the same one of course – whatever degree you’ve earned, whatever work you’ll do, however life unfolds. It’s the greatest of all callings: to know, love, and serve the Lord, and it’s yours by choice,” he said.

Bush said that Liberty University and “the values it stands for will always be a part of who you are.”

Knowing “how to choose a path and stay on it” is “useful knowledge when life can present more choices than we sometimes know what to do with, especially if you’re young and trying to live out the message of the Gospels,” Bush added.

“The faith that brought you here, the faith that matured here doesn’t give every answer to every question, nor of course, does it promise anyone a life spared from doubt or difficulty, but in the way of life’s advantages, each one of you has the best there is – an awakened conscience,” he said. “When you’ve got that going for you, there’s no end to the good you can do or the wrongs you can help overcome, or the hope you can bring into the lives of others.”

Bush touched on the abortion issue, saying Liberty graduates understand that “some moral standards are universal.”

“They do not bend under the weight of cultural differences or elite opinion. Wherever there’s a child waiting to be born, we say, ‘Choose life,’ and we say it with love,” he said.

“In works hardly even noticed by popular culture, so many young Christians today are showing the way,” Bush added.

“Wherever women and girls in other countries are brutally exploited or treated as possessions without rights and dignity, Christians see that arrogance for what it is. Wherever Jews are subjected to the oldest bigotry, we reject that sin against our brothers and sisters, and we defend them,” he said.

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