White House Touts Trump’s Accomplishments During His First 100 Days

By Melanie Arter | April 25, 2017 | 6:57pm EDT
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (CNSNews.com/Melanie Arter)

(CNSNews.com) - President Donald Trump accomplished more in his first 100 days than any other president since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, signing 30 executive orders during the first 100 days, the White House said.

“Despite the historic obstruction by Senate Democrats, he’s worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman.  And these bills deliver on some of his most significant promises to the American people,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday.


“He signed a historic 13 Congressional Review Acts to clear unnecessary regulations and keep government out of the way of the American people,” Spicer said, more than any other president.

Since Congressional Review Act resolutions were introduced by President Bill Clinton, they were only used once - under President George W. Bush.

“He’s extended the Veteran’s Choice program, giving our nation’s heroes the peace of mind they deserve while this administration continues to work with Congress to enact comprehensive reform and modernization at the VA. He’s refocused NASA’s mission to dream big for American space exploration again, and promoted programs dedicated to encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM fields,” Spicer said.

The president has signed 28 laws during his first 100 days - more than any other president since Harry Truman.

“All told, he has signed 28 pieces of legislation, and it’s not just through legislation that the president has made serious progress on his top priorities. The president promised to enforce our nation’s borders,” Spicer said.

“His Attorney General, Homeland Security, and their staffs have been working around the clock to fulfill that promise. He has directed a halt of federal funding to jurisdictions that do not comply with federal immigration laws,” he added.

Trump has “ordered the hiring of 10,000 immigration and customs enforcement officers and agents, and 5,000 Custom and Border Patrol agents, and it’s working,” Spicer said. “Illegal alien border crossings have plummeted more than 61 percent since January of this year.”

“The world is responding to the leadership that the president is ... bringing to Washington. In all, during his first 100 days, the President has made 68 calls with 38 different world leaders, and hosted a total of 16 bilateral meetings. The president has rebuilt America’s standing in the world, and these meetings and calls have led to real action,” Spicer said.

The NATO secretary general credited Trump for “his tough talk that was fair but tough as a candidate, and now as a president, for helping to put pressure on the … countries that are not contributing their fair share to the alliance,” the press secretary said.

“Just last week, Aya Hijazi finally came home after the president personally addressed her situation with President el-Sisi, and China continues to take positive steps, both at the U.N. and in other arenas to help us combat the threat posed by North Korea,” he said.

Domestically, the president has been “putting America back to work by putting the people back into the government,” Spicer said, and “unleashing the American economy by slashing overly burdensome and unnecessary federal regulations.”

The president is also “reinvigorating our domestic energy sector, reviving private infrastructure investment that helps us become more energy independent,” Spicer said. “And today, he’s signing an executive order setting up a task force that will produce a 180-day review of the regulations, policy and legislation that unnecessarily hinders economic growth in the agriculture sector.” That task force will be led by newly sworn in Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

“The president and his extraordinary, qualified cabinet have made incredible progress in just these first 100 days, but this is just the beginning,” Spicer said.

“We look forward to even more prosperity as consumer and CEO confidence continues to rise in the wake of these pro-growth policies; an even safer world from destroying ISIS and other forms of radical Islamic terrorism that threaten our entire globe; to keeping our smallest communities safe for American families; and a government that serves the people, not the special interests or personal political alliances,” he said.

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