WH: History Will Remember Trump’s Achievements on Economy, Defeating ISIS

By Melanie Arter | October 25, 2017 | 12:23pm EDT
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screenshot of White House video)

(CNSNews.com) - Despite Sen. Bob Corker’s (R-Tenn.) assertion that history will remember President Donald Trump for “debasing” the country, the White House said Tuesday that history will remember the president for his achievements - including his efforts to defeat ISIS and boost the economy.

“I certainly think history is going to look at this president as somebody who helped defeat ISIS, who built an economy that was stronger than it's been in several decades, who brought unemployment to a 16-year low, who's created over 1.7 million jobs since being elected,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.


“I think those are the things that people actually care about, not some petty comments from Senator Corker and Senator Flake.  And I think they're a lot more concerned about the big policy initiatives that this president is driving, including historic tax cuts, which we're going to get done by the end of this year, and then start focusing on some other things,” she said.

“Those are the things this President will be remembered by, and I think those are pretty good -- certainly good facts, and ones that we're happy to standby,” Sanders added.

When asked whether the White House was concerned that the president’s spat with Corker could lead the senator to sabotage the president’s tax cut plan, Sanders said, “I would hope that Senator Corker is more focused on getting things done in his final months, and so we hope that he'll be very supportive of the tax cuts and tax reforms that the people in his state have demanded and, frankly, elected him to go to Congress and help do.”

The president tweeted Tuesday, “Isn't it sad that lightweight Senator Bob Corker, who couldn't get re-elected in the Great State of Tennessee, will now fight Tax Cuts plus!”

A reporter asked why the president was claiming that Corker would fight tax cuts when there’s been nothing public from the senator suggesting he might be against the tax cut plan and whether the Corker told the White House or the president that he was against tax cuts.

“I don't know that he said he's against them, but he's certainly indicated his unwillingness, at this point, to really step forward and work with the administration on getting things done. We hope that he will come around and certainly vote for tax cuts as the people in his state have demanded and requested and pushed for him to do such,” Sanders said.

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