WH Chief of Staff John Kelly: My Job Is Not to Control The President

By Melanie Arter | October 12, 2017 | 4:35 PM EDT

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (Screenhot of White House video)

(CNSNews.com) - White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said Thursday that his job is not to control the president, it’s to control the flow of information to the president to enable him to make the best decisions.

During the White House press briefing, Kelly was asked if the president’s tweets catch him by surprise. He said he reads in newspapers about his “failure” to control the president and his tweeting,” but that’s not his job.


“As far as the tweets go, it’s funny, I read in the paper that I’ve been a failure at controlling the president, a failure at controlling his tweeting and all that. Again, I was not sent in -- I was not brought to this job to control anything but the flow of information to our president so that he can make the best decisions,” Kelly said.

“I have found that Mr. Trump from the day I met him does not-- he’s a decisive guy. He’s a very thoughtful man I should say. He takes information in from every avenue he can receive it,” the chief of staff said.

Kelly said he does not restrict anyone from seeing the president and that he should not be judged based on what others think he should be doing as chief of staff.

“I restrict no one by the way from going in to see him, but when we go in to see him now, rather than onesies and twosies, we go in and help him collectively understand what he needs to understand to make these vital decisions,” he said.

“So again, I was not sent in to, or brought in to control him, and you should not measure my effectiveness as a chief of staff by what you think I should be doing, but simply, the fact is I can guarantee that he is now presented with options - well thought out options,” Kelly added.

“Those options are discussed in detail with his team, and then he comes up with the right decision, but it’s always, always, always focused on protecting America and advancing America’s economic development, jobs for America, safety for Americans,” he said.

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