Trump: We Won't Let Other Countries 'Break the Rules, Steal Our Jobs and Drain Our Wealth'

By Melanie Arter | July 17, 2017 | 7:45 PM EDT

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (Screenshot of White House video)

( - The White House on Monday kicked off what it calls Made in America week by highlighting American-made goods from all 50 states.

"We’re here today to celebrate American manufacturing and to showcase the amazing products from all 50 states, made in the USA. Remember in the old days they used to have 'Made in the USA', 'Made in America'? But made in the USA. We’re going to start doing that again. We’re going to put that brand on our product because it means it’s the best," Trump said at the Made in America product showcase at the White House.


"We want to build, create, and grow more products in our country using American labor, American goods, and American grit. When we purchase products made in the USA, the profits stay here, the revenue stays here, and the jobs -- maybe most importantly of all -- they stay right here in the USA," he said.

"In just a few months and moments, I will say what we’ve done over a short period of time and what we’re going to be doing over the next six months will be incredible. We’ve signed more bills -- and I’m talking about through the legislature -- than any president ever," the president said.

The president said that a man from the Greater Omaha Packing company, representing Nebraska's Made in America product display, expressed his gratitude to the president because he was able to convince China to start buying American beef again after the country had banned imports of beef in 2003 because of mad cow disease.

"It is true that, as I walked through the halls, we saw so many great companies, but the gentleman who was in charge of Omaha Beef -- they do beef -- he hugged me, he wanted to kiss me so badly, because he said, our business is a whole different business now because you got China approved. The other administrations couldn’t even come close. And I told him, you know how long it took? One sentence. I said, President Xi, we’d love to sell beef back in China again. He said, you can do that. That was the end of that," Trump said.

"In just a few moments, I’ll be signing a Presidential Proclamation to launch 'Made in America Week' and to make today 'Made in America Day,'" he said.

"In the audience today we have skilled workers. We have business leaders whose American-made goods we are proudly displaying all over the White House and outside. I saw fire engines. I saw tractors from Caterpillar. I saw some incredible machinery. Make it right here. We thank you for being here. We’re honored to showcase your creations, and I will say, they’ve really taken on, and some of you have built names that I know of for so long," the president said. 

Trump pledged that he will not allow other countries to break the rules and steal American jobs and drain American wealth.

"You construct and harvest the products that fill our homes, feed our families, and defend our nation, and enrich our lives. I want to make a pledge to each and every one of you: No longer are we going to allow other countries to break the rules, steal our jobs, and drain our wealth -- and it has been drained," he said.

"For decades, Washington has allowed other nations to wipe out millions of American jobs through unfair trade practices. Wait until you see what’s up for you. You are going to be so happy. This painful exodus of American jobs -- and I’ve been talking about it for years -- was also marked by a period of sluggish growth, falling incomes, surging welfare, and shrinking participation in the workforce. Clearly, it’s time for a new policy -- one defined by two simple rules: We will buy American and we will hire American," Trump said.

The president said his administration is "removing burdens and regulations" on U.S. companies so they can thrive, compete, and grow.

"So a lot of those regulations have been taken off. The rest are coming off, and by the way, we will have better protection than we've ever had, but we’ll also have something where you don’t have to wait 15 years for a permit and then when you go to the board, you lose, and that’s a big portion of your life wiped out waiting for a permit. We’re not going to let that happen," he pledged.

The president also pledged to crackdown on unfair trade practices like "predatory online sales of foreign goods, which is absolutely killing our shoppers and our shopping centers."

"If you look at what’s going on with shopping centers and stores and jobs in stores, it’s been very, very tough for them. They’ve had a very hard time. Closing at numbers and records that have never been seen before. So we have to stop that -- the online predatory practices," he said.

Trump boasted about the creation of over 50,000 brand new manufacturing jobs since the beginning of the year. 

"And we're just getting started," he said. "We will lift our citizens from welfare to work. We will turn boarded-up communities into new outposts of American commerce, and we will once again rediscover our heritage as a manufacturing nation. We used to be a manufacturing nation - not so much anymore. But I will tell you, if you look at Michigan, if you look at some states that have really moved -- you know, in Pennsylvania, two weeks ago they opened the mine -- the first mine that was opened in decades.

"And you know all the people that were saying the mining jobs? Well, we picked up 45,000 mining jobs in a very short period of time. And everybody was saying, well, you won’t get any mining jobs. We picked up 45,000 mining jobs, and the miners are very happy with Trump and with Pence, and we're very proud of that, but that's just the beginning. We have jobs coming from all over," he said.

Trump said restoring U.S. manufacturing will "restore our wealth" and "restore our pride." It will also "revitalize our independence, and it will rebuild the bonds of kinship between our communities and our citizens, which has been lagging."

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