Trump Pledges to Rebuild American Infrastructure with American Labor and Materials

By Melanie Arter | June 7, 2017 | 2:32 PM EDT

President Donald Trump (Screenshot of C-SPAN video)

( – Speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio, President Donald Trump pledged to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure using American labor and materials.

“We’re here today to talk about rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. Isn’t it about time? Spending money all over the world, except here. We don’t spend our money here. We spend it all over, and we’ll do it using American labor, American energy, American iron, aluminum and steel. We believe in the dignity of work and in the greatness of the American worker,” he said.

“You saw what happened last week with the so-called Paris Accord. We will keep our nation so great and so strong, and we will never have outside forces telling us what to do and how to do it, believe me. That would have been a huge anchor on our country,” Trump said.

The president plans to partner with the private sector on infrastructure projects and get the government out of the way. He plans to spur growth and investment by “dramatically reducing permitting time for projects from 10 years to 2 years and slashing regulations to speed up the decision making process.” He has “dedicated $200 billion in his budget as part of a $1 trillion investment plan to rebuild infrastructure,” according to the White House.

Trump pledged to put America’s skilled trade people back to work. He reiterated a promise he made to labor unions in Washington: “As long as I am president, America’s labor leaders will always find an open door at the White House.”

“We are a nation that created the Panama Canal, the Transcontinental Railroad and … the great highway system – the interstate highways system. We don’t do that anymore. We really don’t. We don’t even fix the highways anymore. We’ll take even fixing them, but we’re going to get them going again like they’ve never been before,” he said.

“These projects not only open new lanes of commerce, but inspire the immigration and the dreams of millions and millions of people. We crafted monuments to the American spirit. It’s time to recapture our legacy as a nation of builders and to create new lanes of travel, commerce, and discovery, and we’re going to see all the way into the future, and the future’s going to be beautiful, and the future’s going to be bright,” he added.

The president said that when he traveled the nation during his campaign he noticed the “crumbling infrastructure.”

“I met with communities that were desperate for new roads and new bridges. Bridges were so dangerous they couldn’t use them,” he said.

“They were worried they’d fall down, and you’ve seen that happen, and I heard the pleas from voters who wanted to know why we could rebuild foreign countries … but we can’t build a road, a highway, a tunnel, a bridge in our own nation, and we watch everything falling into disrepair,” Trump said.

“It’s time to rebuild our country, to bring back our jobs, to restore our dreams, and yes, it’s time finally to put America first, and that’s what I’ve been doing if you haven’t noticed. While it’s very early in the administration, I think everyone has noticed,” he said.

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