Migrant Wants U.S. to Pardon Him for Attempted Murder

By Melanie Arter | November 2, 2018 | 11:26am EDT
President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

(CNSNews.com) – A member of the migrant caravan headed to the U.S. border admitted that he’s coming to the United States in hopes of being pardoned for attempted murder.

In an interview this week with Fox News, a member of the migrant caravan from Honduras named Jose spoke to Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins about why he’s traveling to the United States.



With the help of a translator, Jose said he’s hoping to get a pardon in the U.S. after committing attempted murder.

“In my country, Honduras, I got in trouble,” Jose said. He told the translator that he was guilty of a 3rd degree felony.

He further specified, “Attempted murder.”



President Donald Trump pointed it out during a rally in Columbia, Mo., saying that a migrant said he committed murder but wants a pardon.

First, the president explained that incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who is running against Republican Josh Hawley, voted against Kate’s Law, named after 32-year-old Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant.

“Claire McCaskill voted no on Kate’s law. She voted no on enhanced vetting for refugees. Just let them come in, folks. Let ‘em come in. Did you see the guy today? They interviewed him. I put it on social media, ‘cause I’m being nice, and they said, well, what do you want?” the president explained.

“‘Well I want a pardon. I want a pardon,’” Trump recounted the migrant saying.

“The woman. She’s like this reporter I guess, and innocent, nice. ‘Oh, you want a pardon? What did you do? What did you do? What’d you do?’” the president said. “Murder. Murder, homicide, something. What did you do? ‘Murder.’

“This is one of the people in the caravan by the way. What did you do? Murder. You want a pardon? Can you believe what’s going on in this country? But we’re getting it changed. This big ship is turning a lot faster than anyone thought possible,” Trump added.


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