Trump: The Media Doesn’t Like to Cover Economy

By Melanie Arter | November 5, 2018 | 10:16am EST
President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

( – The mainstream media does not like to cover the economic gains made during the Trump administration, President Donald Trump said Sunday.

Trump was addressing reporters on the South Lawn of the White House prior to heading to Georgia for a rally to support Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp when a reporter asked, “Why not focus more on the economy instead of immigration?”

“Well, I do focus on the economy, but you people don’t like to cover that. I mean, we have the greatest economy. We have the greatest economy in the history of our country. The jobs report that came out on Friday -- 250,000 added jobs in just October. It was incredible. Wages going up 3.1 percent. If you look at every single element of that report was a 10. It was perfect,” he said.

“And we have the greatest economy ever, but you people don’t want to cover that. You would much rather cover illegal immigration, which is okay for me too, because frankly, we are doing a great job at the border. Nobody else could do the job that we're doing. And as you know, the Democrats want to have open borders and all of those tens of thousands of people pour into our country. That's not going to happen,” Trump added.

When asked about the 10 percent tax cut for the middle class that he promised, Trump said, “We're going to work on the tax cut. We already started. I've been working with Kevin Brady. We're working with the House. We're doing a 10-percent tax cut,” he said.

"Now, it could be that if we lose control of the House, that's not going to happen, but we're going to be doing a 10-percent tax cut for the middle class. We're starting the process already with Kevin Brady, and we're very well along on it. We'll be submitting when they come back,” the president added.



In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was asked whether it was “wise” to be focusing on the migrant caravan “when you’ve got an economy going gangbusters.”

Christie said “there’s some real division on who gets credit for the economy amongst some voters.”

“I think they’ve made a strategic decision, which is the House is much more difficult for them than the Senate. They have a bunch of red state Democrats who they want to try to get out of the Senate, and I think what you’re seeing with the president is he’s made a strategic decision that his ability to claim victory on election night will be by adding seats in the United States Senate,” he said.

“And he doesn’t want to take the risk of looking like he’s doing – trying too hard in the House, because then he may get blamed for losing there,” Christie added.

On CBS “Face the Nation,” host John Dickerson pointed out that Friday’s jobs report was better than forecasters expected. He asked Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) why voters would want to change course given how good the economy is right now.

“Employers added 250,000 jobs. Unemployment rate is 3.7. Wages grew 3.1 percent. They haven't been doing that. If we focus on the James Carville maxim, ‘it's the economy, stupid,’ you named a couple, a lot of things but the economy is strong. Why should people want to change course, accepting all the things you said, why would they want to change course with the economy humming like this?” Dickerson asked.

“Because I think one thing people realize is that we're in a sense riding a sugar high from a two-trillion-dollar tax cut that was unpaid for. Now the economy is doing pretty well right now, I grant that. I think the hangover is going to be pretty bad as we go into next year, but we can debate that later,” Warner said.

“What I think people are concerned about is they're concerned about this president that, frankly, even if you agree that the economy is going well, that we need to have some level of check on him. The founders set up a system of checks and balance. We got a president in Donald Trump that is totally unchecked at this point, and rule of law and, frankly, America's standing in the world is being undermined,” he said.


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