Trump: ‘It Is Now My Responsibility’ to Respond to Syrian Chemical Attack

By Melanie Arter | April 5, 2017 | 4:05pm EDT
This photo provided Tuesday, April 4, 2017 by the Syrian anti-government activist group Edlib Media Center, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows a Syrian doctor treating a child following a suspected chemical attack, at a makeshift hospital, in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, northern Idlib province, Syria. (Edlib Media Center, via AP)

( - The Obama administration may have failed to effectively respond to chemical attacks in Syria in the past by drawing a “red line” and not enforcing it, but President Donald Trump said Wednesday that it is now his responsibility to respond to the latest chemical attack on Syrian citizens by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“I now have responsibility, and I will have that responsibility and carry it very proudly. I will tell you that. It is now my responsibility,” said Trump in response to a question about whether he now has the responsibility to respond to the chemical attack in Syria.


“I think the Obama administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago when he said the red line in the sand, and when he didn’t cross that line after making the threat, I think that set us back a long ways not only in Syria, but in many other parts of the world, because it was a blank threat,” Trump said. “I think it was something that was not one of our better days as a country.”

What response that will be, Trump was not willing to say at this time.

As previously reported, Tuesday’s attack is considered the deadliest in four years. At least 72 people died in the attack and about 400 injured, according to reports.

When asked whether the chemical attack crossed a red line for him, the president said, “It crosses a lot of lines for me. When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, little babies with a chemical gas that is so lethal that people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines beyond a red line - many, many lines.”

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